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How to Clean Laminate Floor

How to Clean Laminate Floor

Laminate color is widely used all around the World because of elegant and stylish image. Also installation of these floorings are easy.

Laminate floor should be cleaned regularly. But it is important to clean without give damage to the floors. Harsch cleaners are the reason of damages.

How to Clean Laminate Floor?

Lets’s talk about routine or general cleaning first. Regular cleaning is best way to keep clean and stable to your floors. Use dry mop for regular cleaning of laminate floor. By this way you can remove daily dirts. There is no need for harsh chemicals due to this early intervention. Avoid using standart standart floor brush. This types of brushes give damage to the surface of laminate floor. Use only dry mop or soft brushes to prevent scratching.

When some liquid spills on the floor, clean up immediately. If you don’t clean, stain dry and removing of dried stain is hard. Use cloth or sponge for cleaning. If the large amount of liquid is spilled, soak excessive liquid with cloth first. After you clean, dry the floor with another cloth, don’t leave the floor wet.

How to Clean Laminate Floor With Hot Water?

Sometimes also need detailed cleaning except the daily cleaning. Cleaning with hot water is effective way. Apply this cleaning every few months or when you see muddy dirty. Don’t forget water is the mildest way to clean!

Mop the floorings with hot water. Cover the entire floor properly. Laminate floors should not be wet for a long time. You can dry it by open window by the help of air. But if the floor is to wet, dry it with clean and dry cloth.

Ice is good soluton for sticky stains like gums. Harden the dirty area with ice and mildly scrape. Be gently to prevent scratch the floor. By this useful trick sticky stains are not a nightmare anymore.

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