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How To Make Menu Card At Home? (+Videos)

How to make menu cards at home?

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How to make menu card at home?

On this page, you’ll find great ideas and suggestions for making stylish menu cards at home. Before reading these short notes, we recommend watching videos on how to make menu card at home. These videos describe how to make various types of homemade menu cards. If you watch the videos without interruption and to the end, you will have complete information about menu making at home.

Video 1/5: How to make menu card at home?

Video 2/5: How to make menu card at home for school project?

Video 3/5: How to make three fold menu card at home?

Video 4/5: How to make menu card at home?

Video 5/5: How to make menu cards at home?

Tips and Ideas to Make Menu Card At Home

Menu cards are most often used to follow the theme for formal dinners, but there is no need to pay for invitations and menu cards. Guests may want to keep the menu, and their cards as a fun memento of a special day, as they cannot be used for any occasion. That’s why it’s important that your homemade menus are well-preserved and made with care.

Covering Menus and Decorating Menu Cards

To make a handwritten menu look more formal, place it on top of a large piece of colored cardboard. Put the cardboard and cord, and finish with a bow. Stencil a border onto a menu card using a food motif that reflects the menu. Cut a stencil from thin cardboard in the shape menu together with a decorative of your choice, then use a stiff brush to apply the paint evenly.

Designing Menu Cards Informally

• Using marker pens: For festive occasions or special anniversaries, use silver or gold marker pens to write out menus and decorate the edges of simple menu cards.
• Writing on plates: For an informal party, buy plain paper plates and write menus on them with colored felt-tip pens. If you have children, they can decorate the menu cards.
• Making a collage: Make plain menu cards look festive by cutting up old greeting cards and gluing on images.

Designing Place Cards

Name cards and seating plans can serve guests so that they enjoy one another’s company, a useful purpose even on small, informal avoid confusion as guests sit down at the start occasions. A successful seating plan will place a meal, and help shy guests break the ice.

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Using Themes

• Making masks: For a themed costume party, buy plain party masks, and decorate them yourself in a way that reflects the theme. Individualize the masks by incorporating a guest’s name into each design.
• Using dough: Mix water and flour to make a paste, shape into figures, and bake in a low oven for two hours until dry. Inscribe a guest’s name on each figure, decorate it with acrylic paint, and then varnish.

Making a Pop-Up Place

Draw a shape in the center of a sheet of thin cardboard and color it if desired. Mark a fine line to indicate where the fold will be. Cut carefully around the shape above the fold line. Fold the card along the marked line. The upper part of the shape will extend above the fold. Inscribe the guest’s name on it, and then position the card on the table.

making cards at home

• Using fruits: Spray fruits such as apples, pears, or lemons with gold paint, let dry, then attach gold name tags for festive settings.
• Baking gingerbread men: Make and bake gingerbread men, and tuck them into small envelopes, each labeled with a guest’s name.
• Piping icing: Cut cookie dough into decorative shapes, bake and cool them, then pipe a guest’s name and a decorative motif onto each cookie with colored icing.
• Painting eggs: For a spring party, paint eggs with guests’ names incorporated into the design. Place in pretty egg cups, one at each setting.
• Saving time: Buy gift tags to use as festive name cards if you are short of time.

Folding Napkins

Folded table napkins can enhance a table setting on a special occasion, and knowledge of a few simple folds is all that you require. The best fabrics to use for folding are starched linen and cotton, which hold their shape well. Even paper napkins can be folded successfully.

Folding Simple Napkin Fans

To make a simple napkin fan, first starch and iron a fabric napkin, or use a good-quality paper napkin. Starting from one side, fold the napkin into evenly spaced accordion pleats all the way across. Continue until the whole napkin is pleated, and press the pleats firmly in place. Fold the pleated napkin in half. Tie a small, decorative ribbon bow around the base of the pleats, above the folded end. Place the napkin on a dinner plate, hold the two center pleats together, and open out the wrinkles to either side to form a fan shape. A napkin fan can also be placed upright in a wine glass.

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Creating Napkin Rings

Napkin rings add a finishing touch to rolled or folded napkins, and there are many ways of creating decorative devices to hold napkins prettily as part of a table setting. Keep them simple, so that they enhance rather than detract from the food and the other table decorations.

• Creating lavish effects: Buy opulent curtain braids and tassels to wrap around napkins for a sophisticated celebration.
• Weaving raffia: For a rustic, harvest, or country theme, weave strips of raffia or straw into napkin rings. Tuck dried flowers into the ring.
• Using ribbons: Tie simple colored ribbons around napkins to follow a color scheme, or buy special, festive ribbons to suit the occasion.
• Celebrating anniversaries: Wind strings of imitation pearls or other costume jewelry around table napkins for an anniversary celebration.
• Threading shells: Make a marine-themed napkin ring by threading small shells onto the fine wire, then twisting the ends together to make a ring.
• Using Fresh Herbs: Attaching herb sprigs To bring a pleasant scent to the dinner table and decorate simple, rolled napkins, tuck sprigs of herbs or herb flowers into plain napkin rings.
• Tying With Chives: Tie freshly cut chive fronds around a plain, rolled napkin. Cut the chives so that they are as long as possible. The longer the fronds, the easier it will be to tie them. Trim the ends to neaten.
• Making garlands: Make garland napkin rings to match bridal flowers. Bend a piece of florist’s wire into a ring, and bind it with ribbon. Cut sprays of flowers such as mimosa or freesia, and bind them around each ring with fine wire.
• Using leaves: Select flat-shaped leaves from plants such as the iris, and tie them around a simply folded napkin in a loose knot.
• Threading candies: Thread colorful licorice candies onto a heavy thread and tie them to make edible napkin rings.
• Baking bread rings: Instead of bread rolls, shape dough into rings, glaze with egg, and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds. Bake until golden, and slip one onto each napkin before serving.

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