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How To Clean Baby Toys

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Every parent shows a lot of attention to the health of their baby. The hygiene is very important to be healthy. Your baby can get an infection from dirty toys. Especially during teething, they use toys for scratching. Because babies’ immune systems are still developing; they are very vulnerable.

You have to clean the house and floors frequently and don’t forget clean baby toys. With these precautions, you can reduce the risk of your baby get infected.

How to Clean Baby Toys?

First of all, prefer non-porous toys as soon as possible. These toys are cleaned easily. In porous toys, dirt accumulates in the pores, and it is hard to remove it. If it is non-porous and plastic, fill the sink with hot water and add a small amount of dish soap. Place the toys in this water and wait for 5 minutes to soften the dirt. Take a brush and gently scrub the surface of all the toys. Rinse toys with clean water. Make sure all the detergent is cleaned with water. Let toys to dry. It is not the proper method for toys with batteries.

How to Clean Fabric Toys?

You can wash fabric toys in the laundry. Use soap and hot water. Stuffed animals can be washed in the laundry too. But select a gentle cycle to prevent damage.

How to Clean Toys That Have Battery?

These toys contain batteries and electrical parts. You can’t soak them into the water. Take a spray bottle. Now it is time to prepare a cleaning solution. Fill half of spray bottle with water and fill another half with vinegar. Mix them properly. Scrub the toys with this mixture by brush gently. You have to dry it properly, you can use a towel for it.

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You should clean toys after your baby just recovers from illness because the toy may be infected with germs. If other babies come and play these toys, it is good to clean.