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How to Clean up Balcony ?

clean up balcony

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Clean up Balcony

A balcony is in direct contact with the outside, so it is affected the wind, dust, rain more than anywhere in our house. This dirt can move into the home too. To prevent this; it is important to clean up balcony regularly. Also, especially in the summer, eating a meal on the balcony is fun. For this, you should keep the balcony clean.

How to Clean up Balcony?

Before you start to clean up balcony; you should check balcony drainage. If there is a blockage in drainage which usually caused by leaves, mud, dust; you should open the drainage by pouring some water.

Take the stuff like chairs, laundry, or containers from the balcony. Before you start cleaning with water first clean up balcony with a broom and dustpan for remove accumulated dirt.

Once you get rid of solid dirt, it is time to clean up balcony with water. You can use hoses if the tap is closer to the balcony. Or you can clean by filling water in buckets. After clean all the dust; remove the excess water through drainage by broom. After that, you should clean up balcony railings with water.

Chrome, metal or painted metal railings can be cleaned with water. There should be no water stain remaining but if you want you can dry with a clean cloth. But if railings are made of wood; they should not stay wet for a long time. Dry them with a cloth after cleaning and do not forget to varnish regularly.

If there is no water drainage in your balcony; you should clean up balcony with less water. Or you can clean with a cloth and surface cleaners. Because it is difficult to remove excess water without a water drainage system.

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For water saving; you can pour the water that you clean home to the balcony. Then it is enough to rinse with clean water.

Be careful not to pour water from downstairs when you clean up the balcony.