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Car Wash Tips For Easy Washing of Your Car

Easy Car Wash Tips

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Car Wash

Our car should be clean, we all like it that way. Most people take their vehicle to a car wash, every week. But actually, we should wash our cars ourselves. We are not machines which will clean the car casually, without details. We can show our car some love. When we do our car wash by hand, it will be more detailed and more hygienic, than a machine wash.

But, is it an easy task? What should you be careful about during your car wash? Don’t worry, here we will explain what you need to know and why doing your car wash yourself is much better than a machine’s.

Things you need to know before doing your car wash

  1. The first thing you need is a soft cloth to use during your car wash.
  2. Never do your car wash with a brush on your paint. That is a bad idea. It will shorten the lifespan of your car paint and polish.
  3. The best time pick for a car wash is a cool evening or early morning. Don’t do it under the sun.
  4. Do not use hot or cold water, wash your car at all times with warm water.
  5. During your car wash, do not forget to wet your car frequently.
  6. Do not wash your car with dish soap. There are substances called car shampoos. They are safer for your car. And they give the best car wash results.

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How can I do my car wash?

  1. First, you need to rinse the dirt at the wheels and fenders before start washing your car. These regions are the most polluted areas of your car, so it is important for the removal of mud and dirt in this region before the shampoo. This way, the dirt can be thrown from the wheels and rims that we can prevent damage to the paint of your car.
  2. You can clean your tires with a stiff brush comfortably. But for the rims, you should pay more attention since they can get scratched as well. So a softer brush or a cloth as you will use on the car body would be much better. But, be careful to not use the same cloth on the body paint during the car wash. Tiny dirt particles that can be stuck in the cloth will scratch the paint.
  3. Do your car wash in car’s regions as the top, the back, the front, and the sides separately with a generous amount of water and time. In other words, water the top, shampoo it, wipe it, rinse it with plenty of water and move to the next region. Repeat this process for all sides.
  4. Follow this order while washing; car’s top, back, front, and the sides. This way you will keep the areas you already washed cleaner.
  5. In the end, rinse the whole car from top to bottom and make sure you provide water access to everywhere in your car.
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Car Wash Tips

Important Notes For Your Car

• Do not forget to polish your car twice a year. Do not allow damage and fading of the color of your car.
• Always keep your car clean.
• Avoid your car from sunlight.
• You should clean the inside of your car once a month at least.
• The most important thing to pay attention to the polishing process, doing a thorough car wash before. Your car must be free from any foreign matter beforehand. And you must also be sure that your car has to not contact with sunshine while polishing.

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Car Wash Tips For Easy Washing of Your Car