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Car Wash Tricks

Car Wash Tricks

Our car should be clean, we all like it. We take our car washing every week. But actually, we have to wash our cars ourselves. We are not machine which is the recognize our car not only from internal but also from out, we know the best for our car. When we washed our car by our hands wil be more detailed and more hygenic more than machines.

Here we will explain why this much better than a machines with you on your own car in a hygienic manner and tricks of how to wash car detail in our article.

Required Guide to Wash Your Car

1. Take a quality and soft cloth to wash your car.
2. Certainly do not wash your car with the brush at a time. This idea is wrong idea. Wash your car in the cool evening or early morning not prefer the in the sun.
3. Do not say the sun completely there washing much better.
4. Do not use hot or cold water, wash your car at all times with warm water.
5. When washing your car, do not forget to wetting your car with frequently intervals.
6. When you start to take your car wash. The car’s sides, back, front, and top wash separately taking water and detergent.
7. Do not wash your car with dish soap. Car shampoos are substances that will give the best results.

Car Wash Tricks

How do I wash my car?

•You need to drain wheels and fenders dirt before start washing your car. First, these regions are the most polluted areas of your car so it is important the removal of mud and dirt of this region before the shampoo. In this way, the dirt can be thrown from the wheels and rims that we can prevent damage to the paint of your car.You can clean your tires with stiff brush comfortable which tierd has not White line. If our rims, we should pay attention to the type of cleaning with a suitable brush our rims.
• Among the most important car wash tricks to finish the washing of washing your car is your department taking your car at one time.In other words, if your car is top wetting, you should rinse shampoo and leave shampoo on the sideimmediately.Make repeated for each part of your car.
• After washing your car, suitableis top order must be on the sides and back.
• Make your way torinsing process from top to bottom provide access to everywhere in your car every molecule of water.

Important Notes For Your Car

• Do not forget to polish your car twice a year. Do not allow damage and fading of color of your car.
• Always keep your car clean.
• Avoid your car from sunlight.
• You should clean the inside door of your car once a month at least.
• The most important thing to pay attention to the polishing process, dont forget that your car washed thoroughly and must be free from any foreign matterbeforehand.You must also be sure that your car has to not contact with sun shine while polishing.

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