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How to make cleaning of deep fryer

cleaning of deep fryer

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Cleaning of Deep fryer

Deep fryers are an easy way to make delicious fried foods. They are really helpful in our kitchen. However, they get really dirty with every cooking. If you don’t clean them regularly, not only it will become quite unhealthy to use dirty deep fryers, it also makes cleaning harder and harder by time. This is basically why many people think that the cleaning of a deep fryer is extremely difficult. In this article, we will talk about how to make Cleaning of Deep fryer an easier with some tips.

If the fryer is cleaned after every usage, you can prevent accumulation of fat fry and formation of permanent stains. With this, you can both make cleaning easier and not endangering your health.

How to make cleaning of deep fryer?

After purchasing; it is good cleaning of deep fryer before you start to use. Fill the fryer reservoir with water. Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid and boil the water. After boiling turn off the fryer and drain the hot water in the reservoir to the sink. Rinse several times to the fryer reservoir with how water to clean the dishwashing liquid. Then dry with clean cloth properly. Clean the other parts of the device with a damp cloth. It is the first cleaning of the deep fryer.

How to let’s look how can you clean deep fryer after every usage. Before you start cleaning of the deep fryer, you must pull the plug and wait for the absolute cool. First, wash the fryer basket in the sink with hot water and dish detergent. For cleaning of fryer reservoir; drain cooled oil into the sink or garbage.

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Do not reuse the dirty cooking oil for your health. After draining the oil, clean the oil residue on the fryer resistance with a paper towel.

Then add boiling water to the fryer reservoir and wait 30 minutes. Then drain this water to sink, wash the reservoir with water and dishwashing liquid. Rinse inside until all the dishwashing liquid is removed.

After cleaning of deep fryer don’t forget to try with cloth completely. Clean the outer surface of deep fryer with a damp cloth.

Don’t use chemicals like cream cleaners, degreaser or detergent such as bleach when you are cleaning of the deep fryer. These types of detergents and cleaning materials will shorten the lifetime of the fryer and cause damages.