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How to Clean the Books?

How to Clean a Book

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How to clean the books? – Some of us just like me, they love their books like crazy. But for some reason, we make such a mass that we do feel bad later on. We get into reading the book so much that some time we drop some coffee or tea on our books.

Well, sometimes it’s not just us, sometimes little ones make such masses that drive us crazy as well. Pencil marks or all the other crazy things we can’t imagine in our books.

So whatever the reason is we have to make sure our favorite books stay clean like the first day we buy them. That’s why we should learn how to clean a book at home.

How to Clean The Books

  • First, we need to know what we are dealing with it. So, we need to check what is the damage level of the book. We should decide where we are going to clean and how to clean it. After that, we have to start getting the stuff that we need to clean the books.
  • Check if the cover also needs cleaning and check if there is some bad smell in the book. If there is a bad odor book has, first take the book some fresh, airy area. Let the book get fresh air for a couple of hours. After that get yourself some baking soda and sprinkle it onto the book and between the pages as well. After this put your book in some clean box and keep it closed for a few days.
  • If your book is made of a particular material and you think baking soda can damage the pages than just leave the book at an open space with fresh air for a few days. And every day turn a few pages to get the fresh air inside the book.
  • A few days later take your book out of the box and start to clean the cover first. Then begin to open the pages and make sure there are no other things in the pages. If there is anything strange note it, but don’t touch it until you learn how to clean it.
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How to Clean Tips

  • If you still feel the terrible odor from your favorite book, get yourself some soft cotton and get some mineral water. Drop a couple of mineral water drops on cotton and start wiping gently and go through just the unwritten areas of the book. Then let it dry.
  • Get a soft and clean brush. That can be a makeup brush you don’t use or can be a professional brush that is to clean the books. These brushes are the tools that people who know exactly how to clean a book uses.
  • Gently start to get the dust off the pages before starting to deep cleaning. Remember we are talking about the papers here so be gentle much as possible.
  • After brushing the pages start the mark the pages with the pencil marks. And begin to erase the pencil marks with your eraser. To be extra careful. Best to get your self a professional eraser just for book cleaning. This part is the hard part because you have to be very gentle and make sure not to tear the pages of your favorite books.

More How to Clean Tips

  • Now let the book to the rest for a couple of hours. Because the pages of your book are now getting tired. Don’t risk them. Let the book sit in some clean and safe place. If possible put the book close to the window or any outdoor. Even better if you let your book on the table under the sunshine. But not for long maybe just for an hour.
  • After rest your book a couple of hours now its time to check for other marks or any other dirt on the pages. Get a cleaning tissue and start to clean the pages. If you can get the pro book cleaning cloths from the store. Because those clothes will get you some extra time and make the cleaning faster and % 90 more effective.
  • After cleaning the hard marks and dirt again let your book rest a little bit. And let your book get some fresh air.
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How to clean the books

Now it’s time for an essential last touch for your favorite book. Check your book for any torn areas and make sure you are gentle as well. If you find any tear. Definitely, get yourself professional book glue. Don’t use any other glue no matter what. And start to apply the areas as you need it. Remember, quality materials will help your book and maybe even give them another 100 more years to stay readable.

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