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How to Speed Up Home and Kitchen Cleaning

Speed Clean House

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Speed Clean House

Speed Clean House? There is so much time in one day. But because of the housework, we can not even have time for ourselves. The whole house, kids, husband, shopping, work, and take care of ourselves as well if we have time. Well, well what are we going to do?

We all know that we need to make sure that our kitchen is clean for sure. But the last place gets clean is the kitchen right? We are going to change that, and from now on we will clean the kitchen first, and we will do a Speed Clean House!

You are asking “how to speed clean house?”, Right? Let’s find out together then.

Start to Speed Clean House!

You just woke up, or you have to go to work, maybe even a couple of friends just gave you a call, and they will be there in half an hour. House is clean, kids’ room doors are closed, so even if those rooms are clean nobody going to see. The living room is looking ok. But the kitchen is a mass!

Your kitchen looks like you just throw a teenage party and invite your high school friends over. Now you are looking at your kitchen and just stand there as you have just seen the undoable work.

That’s OK. We will take care of this little problem right away. Take a look at your kitchen and stay calm. Let do a Speed Clean House! Just take a deep breath. We will clean that mass in less than 15 minutes.

  • Now get your self a big garbage bag or directly grab the garbage can and get all the garbage from countertops and the floor. Just put all the trash in it. This is going to take only 2 minutes for you.
  • Take a look at the dishwasher and if it’s full of clean stuff from the other night then without wasting any time get the cleans out and dirty ones in. This is also gone take only a couple of minutes.
  • Make sure you don’t have any trash on your floor and countertops. And then get your self a clean cloth and by that time turn the running water to hot.
  • Once the water is hot then make sure your cloth is clean. Sluice your clean cloth and start to wipe clean your countertops.
  • Once you wipe your countertops than do it again. And make sure to clean your cloth under the hot water. But this time add some ammonia detergent and wipe your countertops quickly. Right after that wash your cloth and just rinse the countertops with the clean cloth.
  • Your cloth is already hot which means you are doing your quick cleaning with the hot water and that also means you are doing excellent cleaning. Your countertops all ready shining now and should look really clean.
  • Now do all the same things that you do for your countertops do it for your top of the furnace. Do it as fast as possible. You are doing a Speed Clean House. You already know that it’s three steps. First, clean it then clean it with the ammonia detergent and then clean for last time.
  • Do the same thing for your sink. Now do the same thing you have already done with countertops and furnace. You will Speed Clean House like in lightning speed.
  • Now as the last touch sweep the kitchen floor. If you do all correctly, you will have 10 more minutes to run the bedroom and put some nice dress for work, friends or any other thing. Because by now you must have been a clean-smelling kitchen, kitchen smell fresh and looking just perfect.
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speed clean house

More Tips for Cleaning House

  • You may want to have some music while you are doing Speed Clean House. That can even speed up the cleaning and motivate you a lot. When you want to listen to music while you do your Speed Cleaning House job, remember to listen to something fast and fun. Don’t listen to slow music because slow music can slow you down.
  • Don’t go too deep cleaning details, do all the cleaning quickly and after you get ready for your friends or for your work if you still have time you can clean the other details.
  • Don’t use cold water while cleaning the kitchen because hot water can make your cleaning faster and easier also hot water will clean your kitchen better than cold water.

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