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How to clean refrigerator

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Kitchen cleaning is very important. The kitchen is easily contaminated when you prepare food or eating. Over time, dirt hardens, and it is difficult to clean time. Regular cleaning is easier and more effective. Important part of the kitchen cleaning is refrigerator cleaning.

The first thing you need to do before starting the cleaning takes all the foods out, then you should pull the plug.

If there is a portion of spoiled food, separate them and dispose of. They can cause a bad smell.

Remove all the parts and shelves in the refrigerator. Wash grid or glass shelves with dishwashing detergent in the sink. If the parts are big, wash them in the bathtub. After you wash properly, wait to drain excessive water.

Now it is time to clean inside the refrigerator. You can buy a cleaning product for this. But you can prepare your refrigerator cleaning solution at home. We will give the materials that you need for the solution below:

– Warm water in a deep bucket
– A small amount of vinegar
– Two tablespoons of baking soda

Mix all the materials given. With a clean microfiber cloth clean the plastic sides and other parts of the refrigerator. Make sure you clean all the parts.

Wipe the entire certain with a clean cloth until there is no wet area. There shouldn’t be any moisture area in the refrigerator because bacteria can grow faster in humid environments.

Place the parts and shelves that you washed first. Make sure that all of them is dry. After cleaning the inside of the refrigerator can clean the outside with the same water.

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Tips for keeping the refrigerator clean

Never place the dishes with an open top in the refrigerator. It will increase bacterial growth and cause bad odor.

Do not place food directly in the refrigerator. Wash it first. This prevents bacterial growth.

If you keep a few slices of lemon on a shelf of the refrigerator this prevent bad odor.