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How Can I Pack And Move?

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How To Pack And Move?

Some items may be difficult to pack because they are an awkward shape, are large and bulky, or because they have sharp surfaces that could make them dangerous to handle.

Gather enough materials to pack the objects safely and to secure them inside moving vans.

Packing And Moving: Grouping Plants

Stand plants on a layer of newspaper in a sturdy box. The cutaway box in this picture shows how to position plants. Push a thin, wooden stake into each pot. Stretch clear plastic sheeting over the top, and tape it to the box to seal in warmth and moisture for the plants.

The top of a rug from being dirtied by the underside, use a drop cloth. Lay the cloth on top of the rug, then roll up the rug.

Wrapping Paint Cans: Sealing safely Paint may be flammable, so dispose of it if possible. If you do store cans, seal can lids with tape, then tie the cans in several plastic bags.

Safeguarding a saw blade.

Cut a piece of garden hose lengthwise. Slide it over the teeth of the saw to prevent damage to objects or people.

Packing And Moving: Packing A Lawn Mower
Wrap newspaper around exposed lawn mower blades. Cover the body with plastic bags. Wrap old blankets around the machine, then add more bags to protect the blankets.


Packing And Moving: Preparing Equipment
• Packing a turntable: To protect the needle of a turntable, pad it with a piece of foam. Secure the arm to the base by attaching it with masking tape at 2-in (5-cm) intervals along the arm.
• Packing up a computer: To keep loose parts of a computer such as a mouse and wires together, put these parts in a padded paper bag. Stick the bag to the top of the monitor or the body of the computer.
• Carrying electrical items: Allow plenty of space in a car to fit delicate electrical items such as televisions or audio equipment. Secure these items inside the car so that they will not move around while you are driving.

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Packing And Moving: Packing Heavy Items
• Moving books: Do not fill boxes with books; they will be too heavy to lift. Half-fill each box with books, and put lighter objects on top.
• Improvising rollers: As you pack, put aside wheeled items such as skateboards or roller skates. You can then use these items to help move heavy boxes or pieces of furniture.
• Moving large items: To move a large object easily, lay it on a piece of plastic sheeting and attach the sheeting to the sides of the object. You can slide it across a floor without harming the object or the floor.
• Shifting furniture: To move a heavy chair or sofa, turn it onto its back or side, and slide it across the floor.

Packing And Moving: Moving Large Items
Using a roof rack Buy or borrow a roof rack and bungee cords for transporting large items such as bicycles.
Packing mops and brooms:
Secure objects such as mops and brooms inside an armoire with strong adhesive tape. Attach the handles at each end and in the middle to hold them firmly.