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23 Genius Home Hacks To Make Your Life Simpler

23 genius home hacks video - featured

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Genius Home Hacks

Sometimes small problems suddenly emerge. In order to create temporary solutions to these problems, it is useful to watch some “life hack” videos before. Here you will find 23 genius home hacks that you will enjoy… Even if some of these hints may seem unnecessary to you, you will like and use most of them.

Some of the 23 Genius Home Hacks and tips you will find in the video:

How to remove a candle stain using an iron? How to fix carpet dents caused by furniture? How are acrylic bracelet ornaments made at home? How to easily clean stains on the base of your iron? Using soda pop for glass cleaning, alternative uses of the rubber band, you can make a cute “sewing kit jar”, how do you clean the oven grill using aluminum kitchen foil?

The fastest way to sharpen a knife; how to sharpen a knife using a sharpening stone? Some genius storage ways for spices; alternative uses of magnets in the kitchen; how do you clean your oven easily? How to make an effective stain remover at home? A practical way to turn a cork into a candle.

Some other Home Hacks and tips in the video:

An easy-to-open parcel taping way. How do you distinguish between charged and uncharged batteries? How to hang a picture easily on the wall, using a fork? Using vodka to eradicate the bad smell of shoes. You can add vodka to the vase water, for flowers to stay longer. Use of aluminum kitchen foil to sharpen your scissors… etc…

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Some Macro Home Tips

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