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What is the Benefits of Tea?

What is the Benefits of Tea?

We all drink tea time to time right. But, do we really know what great things that tea can do for us? History of tea is old as centuries. But without knowing that we do throw the tea after we drink them.

But I do recommend that you read the what is the benefits of tea article before throwing your tea after you drink it.


6 Benefits of Tea

  • You do have problems with your hairs. They are not shining as they used to. So what need to make them more shine and looking healthy? Simple, do not throw your tea after you drink it. Make a boiling water with the tea you drink. Let it cool and after that use that water after you shampoo your hair. Use this water after shampoo and rinse, use it as last water for your hairs.
  • Your feet smells like hell, no matter what you do. İt’s ok, there is a way that you can stop this mass. That’s right! With the tea. All you need to do is, take a big container and fill it with the warm tea water and then let your feet rest it in for 10 minutes. Do this for 10 days and after that, you will see that your feet will not smell like hell again.
  • Skin wounds! Do you need to clean your skin wounds? But you do not know how? That’s because you do not know what is the benefits of tea. Even for this problem tea can be your answer. Ok, ok I’m gone tell you what to do. All you need is to take some cotton and dip it in the warm tea and clean your wounds. Tea will affect as antibiotic and will help heal your wounds as fast as possible.
  • You have a dinner at your home, too many people and you have to cook a lot of food. Well, you did clean some fish and cut some onions as well. Ok, the table looks really good. But your hands don’t really smell that well! Alright, it has an easy solution too. Very easy, before you start cooking make sure you do boil some tea in the teapot and put it away for cooling, while you start cooking. The time that you do finish your cooking, your teapot will be cool. Then wash your hands with that whole pot of warm tea. You will see there is no more of that horrible smell in your hands.

what is the benefits of tea

  • Did you bite your tongue while you were eating? Now what? The answer is here in the what is the benefits of tea. Just make sure you do let your tea cool and wash your mouth with it. Do this three times of day that so your tongue will be heal %75 faster.
  • Your refrigerator smells bad? Then don’t throw your tea. If you do use ready tea as in packs, tear the packs and take the used tea out. And let those tea dry well. Then put them on some plate and put the plate right middle of the refrigerator. You will say goodbye to bad smell right away.


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