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Hair Care at Home

Hair Care at Home

Hair Care at Home

Taking care of your hair is important as much as taking care of your body. Hair care at home is an easy way. Time is coming up fast and coming with many side effects on your body and your hair. Cause of this side effect women looking for a new solution not only for body care but also hair care.

Therefore we prepared some tips for taking care of your hair, we will explain how you can keep your hair more bright, lively and pretend waste away by helping mother nature.

Hair Care at Home: Oily Hair Care

If your hair so oily, add a half glass of apple vinegar in 4 glass of water. And rinse your hair with that natural apple vinegar and water mix. When you rinse your hair with this natural mix your hair skin cleanout from oil.

Through this process, as well as get rid of excess oils our hair roots because of environmental factors and environmental pollution, accumulating in our hair roots, and we are also rid of dirt to prevent the breathing of our scalp. Two times a month is enough for this process. This is the best hair care at home method ever known. So we shouldn’t hamper this method.

Hair Care at Home: Make nature hair care cream

What you also need to practice as a hair cream, which is the fashion in recent years and is now located between a lady’s Hair Care at Home methods, we will apply some avocado as a hair conditioner. Crush a large avocado. After crushing the avocado, mix it with your shampoo and apply it to your hair. If it is possible, wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse your hair later. Enjoy your nature cream applied hair.

Hair Care at Home: Have natural curls

If you want to hair care at home you should avoid hairdryer, roller and curling tongs. An important point of hair care at home, everything you are using for your hair care should be natural. You need to make the material in the natural way even when you need unnatural material. Therefore you need to found a way to make a natural cure at home. So that is the way to make a natural and nice curl at home.

  • First, find a clean newspaper that will help you wrap our hair horizontally.
  • Cut this newspaper horizontally into strips. You can make thin curls by cutting horizontally as much as you wish.
  • Roll your hair with newspaper strips you cut, as you would wrap your hair curler
  • Keep your newspaper rolls on for at least 3-4 hours on our hair curl.
  • To get much better results when you apply this procedure, wash your hair
  • Enjoy your new, much nicer and will show our wavy curls.

Do not forget, if you don’t want to break your hair, don’t use hairdryers and make sure not to use appliances such as curlers.


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