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What should you do for sweet smelling and roomy home?

What should you do for sweet smelling and roomy home?

Especially ladies would like to sweet smelling home. But how we keep long term sweet smelling and roomy home. Actualy answer is really easy. You need to learn a few special tips, ıf you want to smell your home sweet and roomy from the others home especially in important days or when you have a guests.

Put some perfume in clear water which perfume you dont use, clean your woods and ceramics. And if its possible dont ventilate your home by the open doors and Windows. Then you wil surprise when you see that your home smell intense perfume. But dont forget, the trick of this stuff is you need to ventilate you home before cleaning, and dont open doors and Windows till your guests come.

Your home’s smell should give you peace

Who doesn want to smelling peacefull home? Im sure that everyone want to spend peacefull time at home after stressfull day. so thats the tips of the create a peacefull smell at home is you need to use vanilla, lavender and citrus fruits.

  • You should decide which smell that you want at home for peacefull smell. Because every smell is make feels different. The vanilla spreys and candles with vanilla aromas make feel extreme serenity at home. If its posibble big vanilla candles stand on the floor at the entrance of  door will work. When you or someone else enter your home feel  peace and relax even candle burn or not.
  • If you want to feel happiness more than peace at home, its also easy. You need only citrus fruits fort his. Choose a citrus fruits which you like such as orange, peel orang and put on the table with a dearomatized candle tahn you will see that happiness wrap to around of your home .
  • So What should you do for feel relax at home? There is a simple and fast way for the feel relax. Find a empty sprey bottle and fill with a boiled water, put some lavander leaf in hot water. You can use this sprey whereever you want and feel relax.
  • what about bad odors? Is there any way fort he destroy  cooking bad smells or spread bad smells by the different way. Secret is realy simple. The way is you need to keep some cinnamon at the home. Whe you feel bad odors at home you should sote some cinnamon with plent of sugar without pot cover than bad odors will gone.

Your home’s smell should give you peace
Your home’s smell should give you peace

Dont worry about smell of grill
Not only bad smells in house but also equipments that we use all time annoying the house wife. Especialy grill smell. When we attempt to cook new meal, we work hard cause of grill smell. Actualy solution is a plenty of flour and just rub  wire. Take your bad smell grill and rub with flour then clean with dish soap. You will see bad smell will gone.

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