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Important And Usefull Plants, Herbals

Important And Usefull Plants, Herbals

Important And Usefull Plants, which is an indispensable part of our lives with healing and even save our life since thousands years. As time progressed and the age changes, diseases are increases  and continues to gain diversity.

However diseases are increases, usefull and important plants never give up give healing to us. We need to do only know which plants better for our disase and use the plant that natüre mother offer us.

Now, important an usefull plants that we use in daily life which knowledge we can find only special book.


Quassia is rarely use and we need now amount of use. Quassia is known using not only for healt but also we using for keep away insects. This palnt is realy important and usefull plants for people. Now I explain important and ussefull efect of quassia.

  • Quassia, stop the bleeding and decrease the fever.
  • Its realy good for who has a appetite problem. It whet the appetite and help for eat more.
  • Also, helping people who has digestive problem fort he get easy digestive.
  • Its pacing liver, intestine and stomach activity.
  • Especialy good for patiants of intestinal helminths, cleaning all the intestinal helminths from the intestine.

Broad bean
Broad bean is definitely we have to use on our tables.  Broad bean good for kidney Stones and sands. Its releive kidney pain and clean the urinary tract. Definitely we need to eat broad bean and we need to press to family for eat.



Strawberry is realy important fruit. When we choose strawberry, we should take attention for choose fresh and aqueous ones. Strawberry is cleaning whole of our body system, its releive our blood flow. Its realy good for who has intestine and kidney problem.

In addition strawberry pretend dental tartar and strengthen to gums.  It Removes Halitosis and good for sore throat. Also for the relief of skin conditions characterized by skin cleanse and also occupy an important place.

If you consume plenty of strawberry, you will overcome the problem of blood pressure and cholesterol problems. It has hi dosage of vitamin C, so you can provide your vitamin C needs with strawberry. The other attribute of strawberry is including great amount of potassium and strawberry has good place between fibrous plants.

Apple that all we know. If you eat two pieces of apple everyday, You wont need to see doctor shortly after. So apple is so helpfull for human body as I told. You can find healing for gout, arthritis, rheumatism disase by the eat two apple a day,make you psychologica relax cause of emitted smell of apple, decrease blood pressure, facilitate digestion. You can protect yourself from the cardiovascular problems, if you continue eat apple everyday. You can pretend contipation and cholesterol.

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