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How to Remove Bad Breath? The Basic Rules

Remove Bad Breath

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Bad Breath?

No matter what you do, sometimes you cannot get rid of bad breath. Well, it’s not just you who is in this situation. Even if you do brush your teeth every day, even more than once, you can still have the problem of halitosis (unpleasant-smelling breath). But why? And, how can you get rid of Bad Breath?

How to Remove Bad Breath?

Mint spray or mouthwash will not stop the bad breath at all. Those products will only keep away the bad breath just for a few minutes or so.

To really know how to remove bad breath, we first need to understand what causes it. Then you just need to follow all the details that I will write on this page.

Why Do You Have a Bad Breath?

Well, there can be many causes of unpleasant-smelling breath. Even if you don’t know, the foods that you eat during the day or the drinks that you consume can be the cause of bad breath. But sometimes, it can be caused by other things.

  • First of all, I want to say that if you brush your teeth twice a day, try to brush them three times a day. This is the first and easiest thing you can try.
  • If brushing three times a day still does not work for you, try to buy some herbal mouthwash from the pharmacy. Don’t use chemical-based mouthwashes, always opt for herbal ones.
  • If you have bad breath, it may also mean that you are not drinking enough water. Try drinking two or more liters of water every day, as water will clean all the stuff that causes bad breath.
  • Keep your tongue as clean as possible and try to clean it during the daytime hours.
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How to Remove Bad Breath by Avoiding Certain Things?

    Sometimes, when we wonder how to remove bad breath, we only think about “what we should do” and forget about “what we should not do.” Check the things you do that can cause bad breath. Let’s check them together:

  • Be careful about the medicine you take. Many types of medication can cause unpleasant-smelling breath problems.
  • Don’t drink too much coffee and tea in a day. The healthy amount is just one or two cups, so try to limit your coffee or tea intake to one or two cups, no more than that.
  • If you like to drink alcohol every day, you may want to slow it down a bit as alcohol can also cause bad breath problems.
  • Avoid spicy food. Try to eat soft and smooth stuff that is not too spicy or hot, just right.
  • Smoking will dry your mouth and cause unpleasant-smelling breath. So, try not to smoke too much.
  • Avoid sweet gum for a while as it can be the secret reason for bad breath as well. Sweet gum can be decomposed by sugar bacteria and can be the cause of halitosis.

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How to Remove Bad Breath Caused by Other Reasons?

  • Get checked for gum diseases and dental problems. Maybe, after all, you just need to go to the dentist.
  • Keep your toothbrush clean and dry. After brushing your teeth, make sure you have a clean toothbrush and put it in a dry place. Infested toothbrushes can cause halitosis.
  • Get checked for internal diseases such as stomach scars. Such problems are known to cause bad breath.
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