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How to do Cleaning of Bathroom?

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Cleaning of Bathroom

The bathroom was probably one of the sections that should be home most hygienic. Production of bacteria is most intense, and where you need to be very sensitive to cleaning here, also it is most frequently used in the room of the home.

Cleaning of the bathroom is important for your health too.

How to do Cleaning of Bathroom?

First remove all accessories, towels, toilet papers whatever be damaged by wet from the bathroom before you start cleaning of the bathroom.

The bathroom floors are usually inclined slightly toward the drain. Do not lift the lid on the drain because wastes or hairs can clog the drain.

If you have a washable bath, start cleaning the bathroom with wash everywhere.

Before you start to use chemical products, do not forget to wear your gloves. Left the bathroom window open to not affect the smell of products. If you don’t have a window left the bathroom door open.

One of the most critical points that need to be disinfected is a toilet. Wash the sides and exterior area with water. Apply bleach inside and close the cover, wait.

Cleaning of Bathroom

You can use vinegar for lime stains on the sink for cleaning of the bathroom. Dab the thin clothes into vinegar and cover the tap with it. You can apply the same to the hole in the sink. Wait until the morning. Thoroughly clean the lime remover products. Rinse thoroughly. You can use brushes for hard stains.

You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean glass shower doors. First, wash the coarse residues with water. Then spray the vinegar that you fill in a spray bottle and wait 5-10 minutes. Mix 1 teacup baking soda and salt, rub the shower room with a wet sponge and this mixture. Rinse with cold water. This is an excellent homemade and natural method for cleaning of the bathroom.

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Finally, rinse the bathroom with a perfumed cleaner to make your bathroom smell good.