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How to Clean Bathroom?

How to Clean Bathroom at Home

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Bathroom Cleaning

Hygiene is a top priority issue. The question of how to clean a bathroom is one of the most important questions of hygiene in homes. The key to a healthy life is to keep the bathroom, toilet, bathroom tiles, and the kitchen clean. Therefore, knowing the rules for cleaning the bathroom, sink, and bathroom tiles, and following them provides proof of how much we value our loved one’s hygiene.

The importance of the question “how to clean a bathroom” is about how much you care about the health of your loved ones. So, let’s take a look together at what we can do individually on this important issue.

How to Clean a Bathroom?

  • First, empty the trash bin in the bathroom, and clean the outside and interior of the trash bin with detergent. Then leave it to dry in a clean place.
  • Sweep every nook and cranny to remove hairs and minor dirt with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Pour some detergent into closets, sinks, and the shower. Wait for at least 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, scrub everywhere. Then, rinse the detergent with plenty of water. If possible, rinse with hot water.
  • After rinsing, thoroughly clean the bathroom mirror.
  • Finally, wipe everywhere you rinsed with a clean cloth. Use separate clothes for forgotten places and sink areas.


What You Should Do for Gleaming Tiles

To have great-looking and hygienic tiles, the first rule is to clean them often. If you know how to clean a bathroom, it will be obvious from the tiles themselves.

  • Turn on the hot tap in your bathroom and wait 5-6 minutes to soften your tiles with hot vapor before cleaning them. Make sure the bathroom door is closed so the hot water can get into the dirt and soften it on your tiles easily.
  • When cleaning your bathroom, try to use ammonia-based cleaners.
  • Avoid using cleaners that are excessively strong. Especially, spirit of salt is overkill for bathroom cleaning most of the time.
  • These types of cleaners can cause damage to your lungs and can create health problems. They are not only risky for you but also for your loved ones.
  • When cleaning your bathroom, you can use a lot of tools. The key is to pay attention to having a tool that is not too soft or too hard. The brushes you use to clean your bathroom should be of medium thickness and flexibility. This way, you can control your tool much more comfortably and much better.
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How to Clean Bathroom Tips

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