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How to Choose Perfume Quiz Tips

How to Choose Perfume 1

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Choosing Perfume: Tips and Tricks

Perfume has become an indispensable part of modern life. However, how do we choose the right one? Men and women use perfume all the time, hoping to find the perfect scent for them. Unfortunately, the scent we choose may not be suitable, attractive, or long-lasting. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right perfume for yourself.

How to Choose Perfume

To choose the right perfume, there are a few small but valuable tips that you should know:

● Choose Perfume: Shop at the Right Time

If you want to find an attractive scent, do not go shopping for perfume in the early morning hours. This is because our brain sensors are still asleep and cannot help us choose perfume properly. Therefore, if possible, go shopping after 11.00 am.

● Choose Perfume: Don’t Buy After a Meal

One of the biggest mistakes people make is going shopping for perfume after a meal. Our brain’s sensitivity to smell decreases after meals, so our brain can’t process smells well enough for us to make the right choice.

● Choose Perfume: Test on the Right Part of Your Body

When testing a sample of perfume, people often make the mistake of using the sample on their hands. Instead, you should test the perfume on your body skin, at least on the wrist of your hand. Perfume may smell different when it mixes with our body odor and on our hands, there may be other hidden foreign smells. Therefore, never test a new scent on your hands.

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● Choose Perfume: Consider Other Factors

Never buy a perfume that you have only smelled on someone else without trying it on your own skin. Every perfume gives a unique scent to users, and various factors such as skin color, age, cold or hot climate, smoking and alcohol use, and even spice consumption can affect the perfume’s scent on your skin. Therefore, considering these factors is crucial in buying perfume.
How to Choose Perfume

● Choose Perfume: Buy When You’re Happy

If you are in an unhappy mood when you go perfume shopping, you may not like the perfume you buy when you are happy. Your troubled emotions can affect your judgment of scents.


In conclusion, choosing the right perfume requires attention to details, such as the time you go shopping, the part of your body you test the perfume on, and the other factors that can affect the scent on your skin. By following these tips, you can find the perfect perfume that suits you. For more information on how to choose a perfume, click on the tags below.