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Start Gardening (Gardening Tips for Beginners)

Start Gardening (Gardening Tips for Beginners)

Start Gardening

Do you want to have a beautiful garden? Have you worked with previously gardening? If you don’t, you should know something before start gardening.

First, you should decide the type of garden that you want before start gardening. You can choose flower garden for peaceful and beautiful appearance. Or vegetable garden is ideal to consume healthy and organic vegetables. You can grow each of them too.

Start Gardening

Flowers and roses need at least 6 hours direct sunlight for growing. You should pick the right place to start gardening. Find the area that is proper to this condition in your garden.

The type of your soil is important to grow flowers or vegetables. You should analyse your soil and find out its properties. Some plants can only grow in specific soil. You should consider them.

It is useful to support your oil for start gardening. Compost is used to help the soil and to nourish it. There is two option for it. Dig the soil and pour the compost inside or do not dig the soil and leave the compost on the surface of the soil.

Now, it is time to funny part! Pick the plants that you want for start gardening. You can search them from catalogues or online. Or you can go and pick that you like directly. Consider the required conditions for these plants growth. Does your garden provide this conditions? If it is proper, you can buy the plants.

But; it is the better idea to pick up some easy plants for beginners. Some of the choices are sunflowers, geraniums, purple coneflowers, daylilies.

If you want to grow vegetable tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are the vegetables that are easy to growth.

Then plant them according to their growing season and apply the necessary techniques for all of them. Now you start gardening!

Don’t forget that new plants need more water, be careful to watering them necessary!

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