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How Can I Tile The Walls?

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As well as being highly decorative, tiles are a practical material for use in home decoration. They provide a durable surface that is long lasting and easy to clean.

Many home decorators are reluctant to face tiling challenges and defer to experts. But cutting equipment, tile adhesives, and grout are more user-friendly than they used to be, so tiling is not as difficult as you might think.

Setting a Style
With an emphasis on the decorative aspect of tiles comes the opportunity to influence the style, design, and layout of a tiled area.

Choosing a style and even creating your own tile designs are easy as long as you take a few basics into account before you start out.

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Budgeting Wisely

Planning Tiles vary widely in price, so always bear your budget in mind. Less expensive tiles need not mean a less attractive finish.

When you are choosing a design for the layout of an area to be tiled, you may find yourself limited by the size of the area.

Bear in mind its practical purpose, and take the following stylistic points into account.
• Choosing a basic style: The first aspect to consider when arranging wall tiles is whether to follow a traditional style of tiling, or choose from the range of modem styles, or adopt a more individualistic approach.
• Thinking about color: When deciding which kind of design to create, consider the color of the tiles. Think in terms of the decoration of the whole room as well as color combinations within the tiled free itself.