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DIY Natural Home Fragrance

natural home fragrance

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Natural Home Fragrance

Do you want to make your home smell amazing? You do not have to use chemical products for that. There are easy ways to make your own natural home fragrance.

Natural products are always the best! These products are both budget-friendly and healthy. All you need to have is essential oils. They are an excellent choice of aromatic and exotic odors. Let’s get started!

Natural Home Fragrance 1 – Homemade Reed Diffuser

natural home fragrance

This is another recipe for making your own natural home fragrance. This recipe is a little bit different from the usage of bamboo sticks.

– A small glass bottle
– Volatile essential oils (e.g., lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus)
– Bamboo
– Vodka or ethyl alcohol
– Water

– Pour ¼ cup of water into a small glass bottle.
– Add two tablespoons of vodka or ethyl alcohol on it.
– Add 12 drops of essential oil that you choose.

Shake the bottle to mix ingredients and place the bamboo sticks in the bottle.
After waiting a few minutes, upside down the bamboo sticks and put in the bottle again.
Do not forget the upside down the sticks weekly until the fragrance finishes.

Natural Home Fragrance 2 – Homemade Natural Air Freshener

It is a really effective and good recipe. How about to try and make your own natural home fragrance? This spray will remove unpleasant odors in your home and on fabrics. The ingredient is totally natural.

– One spray bottle
– Water
– One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
– Volatile Essential Oils (You can choose one of the oil that you like the smell)

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– Add one teaspoon of baking soda inside of a clean spray bottle.
– Add 20 drops of volatile essential oil that you choose on it.
– Shake them gently and add water.
– Close the cover of a spray bottle and shake for 1 minute to mix. Now, you finish making your own natural home fragrance!

As you see from recipes, make your own natural home fragrance is really easy!

Have a good time with lovely smells.