Health Benefits Of Honey

Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey, history of honey is long as human life. Thousands of years of history on earth. But do we really know everything about honey. Do we really know how importand honey for human life. Yes and deed, honey is more importand than you can ever imagine.

In this article we will learn how honey can help in our lifes with the sickness or even for beauty needs. Before we do that, lets check it out what is inside the honey that we should know.


Properties Of Honey

As i always say, before we start eating anything we should know what inside the food. We should know if it’s ok to eat or not. So lets see what is inside the honey.

  • Fructose : 38.2 %, Ash : 0.2 %, Higher Sugar : 1.5 %, Water : 17.2 % Glucose : 31.3 %, Maltose : 7.1 %, Sucrose : 1.3 % this is the avarage profile of honey.

Now, we learn about the properties of honey, it’s time to learn about what kind of benefits honey can give us. Can honey be the saver of some sickness? Can honey help on even drunkenness or cuts or even for coughs? Lets see what honey can do!

Help For Coughs?

Yes, honey can help fro coughs even for dry and painful coughs. If you have painful coughs that make your day miserable and make you not g oto work or school than, make your self a honey syrup. Get your self a high quality honey 1 table spoon and than amix it with some warm and clean water. Mix it nicely and make sure you mix honey and water well. Than start to drink it every morning and night before g oto bed. What ever you feel like you gone get sick, try this and you will not regret it.

Suffer From Constipation?

If you are suffering from constipation, all you need is honey and hot water. Get one table spoon honey and mix it with the hot water but not boiling water. Mix it very well then keep on drink this natural syrup much as possible in the day. You will not be in pain anymore.

Health Benefits Of Honey

You Catch Cold?

Dont worry about it. Even for that honey can help you right away. If you wana get rid of cold problem fast as possible than get your self some high quality honey, some lemon or milk. Get your 1 table spoon of honey and mix it with hot milk, or with some lemon. But most of the people like to mix it with hot milk, test better and nice to drink at the cold winter times.

You Need Extra Help?

If you have just get better from some long sickness andı f you have to keep on working, than you will need honey for sure. Try to eat the honey at the breakfast times. If you eat the 1 table spoon honey every morning, you will be strong as you use to be. You can keep up at work or school like nothing happen.

You Want To Be Stronger For Long Nights?

You need extra help for long nights for your lady or for your man? Than dont waste time and start eating honey every day for 15 days day and night. After that you wont stop eating honey anymore!


For Appetite

Honey also can be strong help for whom dont like to eat. If you or your children dont like to eat like anyone also, than you need to know that honey has A, B and C vitamins also all the minerals that keep human beings strong. Try to eat much as honey possible or try to eat food with honey. After very short time you will see that you will wana eat more and more food.

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