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Meat Cooking Tips

Meat Cooking 1

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Meat Cooking

Everybody cooks meat, but sometimes it can be challenging. A bad smell can fill the house, and even if the dish has no odor, it can stick to the skillet or grill. Meat foods can make cooking a problem for us. So what should we do? The answers are easy; you just need to read our article.

In this article, you will find some meat cooking tips, and I will briefly explain what we should pay attention to when cooking meat.

Cooking Meat Quickly

Meat doesn’t get cooked easily, but the meal should be ready at the time of serving. So, what should we do? Should we enter the kitchen many hours before and spend half of the day in the kitchen? No, smart ladies don’t do that. Smart ladies know the following meat-cooking tips:

  • To cook meat quickly, make the meat rest in vegetable oil for a while, so it gets softer. While cooking, add half a lemon to the saucepan. This will not only cook the meat quickly but also increase its flavor.
  • You can add some bread and vinegar to the pan, along with any vegetable oil, to increase the speed of cooking.
  • If you have guests coming and a short time, I advise you to sauté your meat. Sautéed meat will be softer and cook more quickly.

Meat Cooking 2

Getting Rid of Heavy Meat Smell in the Kitchen

If you want to get rid of the chicken or meat-cooking smell, add a peeled onion to the saucepan while cooking. Onion absorbs the bad heavy smell immediately.

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Preventing Meat from Drying Out

If you don’t want your meat and chicken to dry out while cooking in the oven, put a cup of water in your oven with your meal.

Refreshing Your Knowledge About Meat

Don’t forget that if meats aren’t stored properly, they can go bad quickly. Eating bad meat can make you seriously sick. So, we need to refresh our knowledge of meat.

  • Meat should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a freezer, keep your refrigerator as cold as possible.
  • Red meats are a great source of vitamins and protein. Besides this, they are a deposit of iron and zinc.
  • The color of vacuum-packed meat shouldn’t be burgundy or purplish if the meat is fresh.
  • When meat is bought from the butcher, it should look bright red. When myoglobin cells receive oxygen from the air, they turn bright red.
  • If your meat has been in the refrigerator for more than five days and has turned brown or feels sticky, it is spoiled. Don’t eat that meat.


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