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Meat cooking Tips

Meat cooking Tips

We cook, who doesnt cook, we cook with love. Some cook are not easy, its wrap bad smell  the house after cooking. If the cook has no smell can stick to skillet and grill. Especially meat foods can make a problem for us. 

So what we should do? Answers are so easy, that some tip of the cooking meat at home and I will briefly explain what we should pay attention to meat cooking.

Cook meats quickly

Meat cook doesnt cook easly, that all we know. But meal should be ready at the time of meal right. So what we should do, enter the kitchen many hours before and spend half of day in the kitchen or not. No, leery house wifes doesnt do that. Leery house wife know meat cooking tips very good.

  • At first for cook meat quickly, meat should wait in vegetables oil a while, so meat will be soft. While cooking we add a half leman on the saucepan. Thereby not only you cook meat quickly but also increase cook flavor.
  • You can add a some inside of bread and vinegar to saucepan, if you have any vegetables oil then you can increase your speed of your meat cooking.
  • You wil entertain guests and you have a short time, so I advise to sote your meat. The meat which do sote can be soft and cook more quickly.

Meat cooking Tips

Heavy Meat Smell of Being in the kitchen

If you dont like some kind of chicken and meats cook smells, you need add peeled onion to saucepan.  Onion absorb to bad heay smell immediately.

Prevent drying of meat

If you dont want to you meat and chicken that so dry while cooking in the owen, you should put some cup of  water in your owen.

Refresh your knowledge about meat

Ladies dont forget that if the cant keep as required, meats are go bad quickly.And if eat this meat, you can be serious sick. So we need to refresh our knowledge of the meats.

  • Meat should be stored in the freezer of the refrigerator. You should keep your refrigerator cold as much as possible, if your refrigerator hasn’t got freezer.
  • Red meats are resource of vitamin and protein. Besides this, depot of iron and zinc.
  • The color of vacuum packed meat shouldnt be burgundy or purplish if the meat is fresh.
  • The meat should look bright red which meat has bought from the butcher touched to air and myoglobin cells receive oxygen
  • Your meat spoiled if meat stayed over 5 days in the refrigerator and became Brown color and feels so stickly.
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