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Meat Cooking Tips

Meat Cooking Tips

Meat Cooking

Everybody does some meat cooking. Who doesn’t cook? We cook with love, but sometimes cooking is not so easy. Especially, meat cooking can be challenging. A bad smell wraps the house after cooking. Even if the dish has no scent, it can stick to skillet and grill. Especially meat foods can make a problem for us. So what we should do? Answers are so easy, you just need to read our article.

You will find some Meat Cooking tips in this article, and I will briefly explain what we should pay attention to meat cooking.

Meat Cooking quickly

Meat doesn’t get cooked easily, we all know that. But the meal should be ready at the time of the meal. So, what we should do? Will you enter the kitchen many hours before and spend half of the day in the kitchen? No, smart ladies don’t do that. Smart ladies know the meat cooking tips below;

  • At first, for cooking meat quickly, make the meat rest in vegetable oil for a while, so the meat gets softer. While cooking, add a half lemon on the saucepan. Thereby, not only you will cook the meat quickly, but also increase its flavor.
  • You can add some bread inside and vinegar into the pan, and with any vegetable oil you can increase the speed of your cooking.
  • You will entertain guests, and you have a short time, so I advise to saute your meat. The meat which sauteed will be softer and cook more quickly.

Meat Cooking 2

Meat Cooking: Heavy Meat Smell Being in the Kitchen

If you want to get rid of some kind of chicken and meat cooking smell, you need to add peeled onion to the saucepan while cooking. Onion absorbs to bad heavy smell immediately.

Meat Cooking: Prevent drying of meat

If you don’t want your meat and chicken to get dry while cooking in the oven, you can put a cup of water in your oven with your meal.

Meat Cooking: Refresh your knowledge about meat

Don’t forget that if they don’t be kept as required, meats go bad quickly. And if you eat this meat, you can be seriously sick. So we need to refresh our knowledge of the meats.

  • Meat should be stored in the freezer of the refrigerator. You should keep your refrigerator cold as much as possible if your refrigerator doesn’t have a freezer.
  • Red meats are a resource of vitamin and protein. Besides this, they are a deposit of iron and zinc.
  • The color of vacuum-packed meat shouldn’t be burgundy or purplish if the meat is fresh.
  • The meat should look bright red when the meat has bought from the butcher. Because when touched to air myoglobin cells receive oxygen. And this makes them bright red.
  • If your meat stayed over 5 days in the refrigerator and became brown colored and feels sticky, that means your meat is spoiled. Don’t eat that meat ever.


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