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How To Remove Couch Grass

How To Remove Couch Grass

How To Remove Couch Grass?

To the most expansionist and struggle weed in your garden is couch grass and it is difficult to remove it.

Couch grass is one of the most common weeds in the garden. It is herbaceous plant species from the wheat family. Length varies between 30 to 80 cm, s considered one of the weeds in the garden. Fighting against it is quite difficult and grows in a short time if the required maintenance is not done.

The most accurate method for removal is remove couch grass by hand. If you don’t remove the stem completely, you just trying to clean up tearing the leaf; couch grass will grow again. Therefore, you should remove it with its roots and perform the detailed cleaning process.

You should turf as closely as possible to get rid of couch grass. You should not leave an empty space that couch grass can grow. You should plant your grass regularly, and you must mow the lawn deeper.

Chemicals used for the growing of grass is also causing couch grass. Therefore, by using these drugs in a controlled manner, you can reduce couch grass.

To remove couch grass, you can use an herbicide (herbicide) while your garden is empty. The herbicide is a drug that can create a toxic effect on plants and causes the death of the plant. Be careful during the use of herbicides, it is harmful to the roots or leaves of trees.

Herbicides will prevent the formation of couch grass. But removing couch grass by hand is recommended. It is a tedious and time-consuming method, but it is natural. Don’t forget that every drug that you use is harmful to other plants in your garden.

You can get rid of unwanted plants but also damage other plants in your garden. Therefore you should not leave empty your garden and plant grass regularly.

If you use nutritional supplements for grass growth this can trigger the spread of the couch grass too. Use nutritional supplements in a controlled way.

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