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How to Stop Body Acne?

How to Stop Body Acne?

Men or woman dosen’t matter, if you have skin with the heavy problems then you have to be extra care full with what you do with your body. As we know this body acne problem is not a joke. Especially if we are over the teenage years. This problem becomes very frustratingly at the summer time sor when we are with the love of our lives. Even know that we are not teenager any more, we do have the type of skin that make us look liek a teenager or even worse.

So is there any way of keeping our body smooth and looking healty. Well it’s not like we are dirty people who dosent want to take a shower every day right! Yes we do take a shower we do clean our selfs and we do use so many cleaning products. But no matter what we do we have the problem of a teenager or look like one. So is there even a way that take care this little problem. I think we can get the answer of this question inside the article of how to stop body acne.

Keep As Routine

No matter what you do in the morning even if you take a shower, you will still need to have some time for your face.

Yes, you have to spend minimum 15 minutes for your face every morning and every night before  go to sleep. Dont think that shower will take care all the problems of your face. Nope! That will not do. some time acne not going bring it’s kingdoom on your back area, some time it will try to qonquer you face as well. So at the first step we will protect your face and start fighting with the face acne. For this, we will spend 15 minutes day and night. First thing when we weak up, before the shower time, before touch anything we will use suitable face cleaner and apply on the some high quality loofah. We will clean our face nicely and keep on cleaning. Every inch of the face, but stop dont wash it yet! Let it dry on your face, by that time you can brush your teeth or brush your hairs. When your face cleaner has dry on your face, then you can start to wash it off. After please use very very clean towel to dry your face. If you can, try to buy 14 small size towel and use each towel every day and night. And keep all towels clean as possible. Dont use morning towel at night or night towel in the morning.

How to Stop Body Acne

Attention to These Suggestions

  • Always keep your body clean as possible.
  • Dont trust public places. Dont think that everywhere is clean as your home.
  • Watch what you eating and drinking.
  • Try not to touch your face in the day.
  • Try to relax and dont make every little detail as a huge problem.
  • Drink one or two cup of black tea in the day.
  • Dont drink coffee more than 3 cup in one day.
  • Always talk to yoru doctor about your skin problems.
  • In the shower use very high quality body loofah.
  • Use your own personel body loofah only for your self and do not share it.
  • For your face use the face loofah and use only you.
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