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How to Get Rid of Ants

get rid of ants

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How to Getting Rid of Ants

In some seasons ants can be a big problem around the house or in your backyard. Ants are little, but the problems they give you can be more significant. There are many ways to get rid of ants; some are applied with household products, and some are chemical methods.

In this post, we will talk about homemade ways to get rid of ants.

Homemade Ways to Get Rid of Ants

First, you should detect where they are coming from. If ants are coming from outside chalks are the best way to get rid of ants. Detect entry points and draw a line with chalk to keep them away. The reason behind using chalk is the calcium carbonate in it.

Flour shows the same effect. Sprinkle some flour on the places where you see ants. This will protect your home against ant entering.

get rid of ants
Lemons are the most common way of getting rid of ants and it is a well-known method. Lemon slices and juice are used for this purpose. For the most efficient solution; pour some lemon juice on their entry points and cracks. Then put some lemon slices too. Lemons generally give the best results.

Benefit your kitchen pantry to get rid of ants. Cayenne pepper is one of the beneficial ingredients for it. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper where you see the ants and entry points. Also, sprinkle some on the worktop to keep ants away.

If you see the ants come from a specific place with a path, salt is your solution! Sprinkle salt on their part and use it as a proof barrier. They could not pass this barrier and come to your house.

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You know vinegar is used all around the house. This is a really multipurpose natural solution for everything. Get rid of ants is one of them! Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it to places where ants come from and crack that they can come.