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Why we have dry hair?

Why we have dry hair?

Commercials, movies, mannequins; it’s impossible for us to not to get mad. Than women and their wonderful hair. They look how vivid, how nature and how attract right?

Well why our hair so dry like that? We also use expensive shampoo and take care our hair even try to so something by ourselves. But we can never have beautiful and vivid hair. Why our hair still so dry although we care about our hair.

Reason of dry hair

  • First of all, you need to understand that your hair is dry cause of lack of sebum or not.
  • One of the most well known reason of dry hair but unheeded reason is changing color, perm and steady hairdryer.
  • The most rare known reason is to take too much sun bath or stay too much on the sun shine.


Well what we should do for this.

We understand reason of the dry hair but what we could do? Because how much we care ourselves we do, lackluster hair take away our attractiveness. Okay guys, I will tell you immediately what we can do for revive our dry hair.

Reason of dry hair

  • If your hair extremely got dry because of sun and even started to brake, we apply a shampoo cure immediately. You will help your hair with creams serums and mask which product you can find almost everywhere. In order to increase effect of the product you will use a hot towel for you, then it will be more faster.
  • Contrary to popular belief if you want to save your dry hair, don’t hesitate to use first cream shampoo then hair cream. Dry hair like to look after well.
  • The other treatments of your lackluster hair is hair mask that you can apply one time a week at home.
  • If you don’t want to provoke your hair, don’t brush your hair with the hard blows. It’s already sensitive hair so your hair can’t withstand to this kind of brushing.
  • You should know how you must brush your hair, if you want to save your hair fast. Don’t start brushing around the middle of your hair and don’t brush your hair randomly. The sebum which is protect and fend for extend your hair releasing to your hair root. So to save your hair faster, brush your hair roots to end.
  • When choosing your hair brush be careful about hard and cheaper brushes. You are fighting with dry hair. So your brush has to be quality, made by nature soft.
  • Finally dry hair ends are breaking easily than other hairs, so don’t forget to cut your hair ends regularly.
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