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What is The Flower Care And Tricks?

What is The Flower Care And Tricks?

Car for flower, not very easy thing to do. Because every flower type has it’s on different ways. Even u get the know ur flowers, sometimes u won’t be able to understand why they dead or going sick. And no matter what u do, u can not bring them to life. Even if u do understand the fact that, some flowers like cold some likes hot, some likes sunshine, some likes shadow.

But after u read What is The Flower Care And Tricks u will be able to understand what is going on with ur flowers and how to protect them before anything happens.

What is The Tricks of Watering flowers?

Do u know that, most of the people kill their on flowers just because of over watering. Yes, that’s right! Over watering is the most of the biggest mistakes of all. Maybe this subject is the most importand thing do learn. But dont worry about it, what is the flower care and tricks article will tell u the trhings u really should know.

• Put ur finger into the pot just about 2 cm, and see what u feel. If u feel over dry that shows that ur flower need to have o lot of water right away.
• If ur finger is over wet and if the soil is very muddy that will tell u that u should not go for more water.

When The Watering Ur Flower?

Try to give ur flower water it needs in the very aerly morning or very late in the evening. Because u need to make sure, when u water ur flowers that ur flowers should not be face with the sun light.


How to Give Ur Flower Life?

If ur flower getting sick or looks like need help, then get a beer fast as possible. Why? Because the beer is what ur flower need. Get a beer at first, and get the boiled water and mix them. After that let the beer and water cool down. After ur beer-water cool just give ur flower, just like watering way. U will not believe how fast ur flower will came to life.

Last Tips
• If ur flower moves to much when u cently pull from it’s pot, then u will need to understand u have to change the flower pot as soon as possible.
• If ur flower pot smell bad, then it’s time to change the pot again.

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