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Home Alarm Systems for Family Security

Home Alarm Systems for Family Security - featured picture

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Home Alarm Systems

Our homes are our safe places in our lives. And of course, you want your home to be secure at any time. You can never know when an uninvited person will try to force their way into your house. Fortunately, in the modern world, we have ways to keep our houses and families safe. The primary method to keep your home secure is having home alarm systems installed in it.

Until recent years only reliable home alarm systems were expensive home alarm systems that were working with contracts, and they needed to be installed by professional technicians. However, newer companies offer some DIY alarm systems that you can install yourself and use together with the smart home systems you already own.

Home alarm systems can have a wide range of prices, changing with the features you want. Some companies can give you their services for just the initial setup fee, while others can charge you some membership fees.

You will find some sample home alarm systems down below. You can see more examples of this topic, in our next article. But, if this article about the relative home alarm systems is not enough, you can check the other articles about home security systems on our website.

SIMPLISAFE – Home Alarm System

simplisafe home alarm systems picture

SimpliSafe is another modular alternative in home alarm systems. The name of the system implies that it is a simple system because it is straightforward to set up and there is no complicated contracts and extra fees. The setup process for the central hub device is just putting it somewhere and turning it on. SimpliSafe home security system comes in different sized kits you can choose depending on your needs.
The smallest kit is “The Foundation” which includes;

  • a central hub,
  • a keypad,
  • motion detector, and
  • a contact sensor for a door or window.

“The Foundation” is $161 within the current promotion, $229 with the usual price.

Bigger kits have more sensors added, and some kits have some additional devices such as smoke or flood detectors or keychain remotes.

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Like other home alarm systems, you can buy and add extra sensors to SimpliSafe as you need them too. However, if you know your needs from the start, SimpliSafe also offer a method called “Build My System” for getting a customized kit with 30% off price.

SimpliSafe sells indoor security cameras and video doorbells as well. If you need them, you can include those to your system too.

Overall, the SimpliSafe home alarm system is an excellent way to secure your home without spending too much money. They even let you test the system for 60 days, and if you aren’t happy with it, you can return the SimpliSafe for a full refund (Apparently, they’ll even pay return shipping).

Link to SimpliSafe

RING ALARM – Home Alarm System

ring alarm smart home alarm system picture

If you are looking for a home alarm system that is an all-in-one product, “Ring Alarm” is a good option for you. The initial package you will get is actually a starter pack.
It comes with;

  • a keypad,
  • a hub,
  • a range extender.
  • a contact sensor for a window or a door,
  • a motion detector.

You can easily install all these devices yourself.

The good thing is that you can also add new detectors and sensors such as;

  • more contact sensors,
  • Flood alarm,
  • Smoke alarm,
  • Freeze sensor and
  • Carbon dioxide sensor.

The company, Ring, also offers outdoor cameras that you might want to add to your system. You can even upgrade your old doorbell with an advanced doorbell system they sell.

The whole system can be controlled and monitored with your smart-phone.

The cost of this home alarm system is $199 for the Starter-pack. There is also an additional monthly cost if you get their 24/7 professional monitoring. Of course, the additional sensors, outdoor cameras, and advanced doorbells have their own separate pricing that you can check on their shops as well. Overall, Ring Alarm is easy to use, modular and affordable home alarm system.

You can check “RING ALARM – Home Alarm System” on Amazon.

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NEST – Home Alarm Systems

nest secure home alarm systems picture

Nest Secure is one of the most simplified and easy to use home alarm systems out there. With Nest, you don’t pay any monthly fee, you don’t get any monitoring. The central hub is itself your keypad and a motion detector. The app on your smart-phone is your main management method. Its contact sensors for your doors are also motion sensors themselves.

Nest Home Alarm System doesn’t need you to enter a pin every time you set the alarm on or off. Instead, you can use your smart-phone or the included key tags for your interaction with the system. The system will notice when you left the house and will ask you on your smart-phone with a notification if you want to set the alarm on. Moreover, you can attach a tag to your pet dog’s collar and make the system recognize your dog without triggering alarms. So, it is pet-friendly too.

The most basic package comes with;

  • A central hub with a keypad and motion detection on itself,
  • 2 Nest Detects for your doors or windows,
  • 2 Nest Tags for quick interactions.

This basic package costs $399, but if you need more sensors, cameras or smart locks, you can choose another package as well as buying additional devices separately and adding them to your system.

Link to NEST Security Systems

VIVINT – Home Alarm System

vivint doorbell camera systems picture

Vivint Home Alarm Systems are a bit more complicated than the earlier systems. They mainly focused on smart devices with their systems. They are rich in device variety. Depending on the package you buy with Vivint Home Alarm Systems you can get;

  • Smart Home Security Hub,
  • Smart sensors,
  • The smart door locks,
  • Smart thermostats,
  • Outdoor Security cameras,
  • IP cameras,
  • Video doorbells,
  • Smoke detectors,
  • Smart lights, and
  • Vivint Security Signs.

The central control hub is a touch-screen controlled device, and you can do everything you do with it on your smart-phone too. Vivint Home Alarm System is also fully compatible with Google Assistant which is impressive if you use smart assistants.

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However, there are not certain prices for Vivint Home Alarm Systems that we can tell you here. You need to contact the company and ask for a quote from them. Also, Vivint is not one of the home alarm systems you can install yourself, you need to have their staff install the system in your house.

Overall, although it is hard to compare them price-wise, Vivint Home Alarm Systems are a good option if you want a smarter house and don’t want to do the hard work yourself.

Link to Vivint Security Systems

ABODE – Home Alarm Systems

adobe home security systems picture

Another example of DIY Home Alarm Systems that are fully compatible with Smart-home assistants. You can find these products on Amazon. Abode Home Alarm Systems are “Amazon Certified to work with Alexa” on Amazon web store, meaning that you can control this Abode with your voice through select Alexa devices. If you don’t use Alexa, it is okay too, because Abode is fully compatible with Google Home as well.

Abode is significantly sharper looking than most other alternatives. The central hub is a good looking block that can sit anywhere in your house without hurting the ambiance.

All devices are wireless so the setup just putting devices to the places you need and installing the mobile app.

  • The Starter kit includes;
  • a Hub,
  • a mini Door/Window Sensor,
  • Motion Sensor, and
  • a KeyFob for easy entrance.

Of course, if you need more, you can add additional sensors to this kit.

This starter kit costs $249. There are no mandatory monitoring service fees. But if you want, they offer optional professional monitoring plans.

Link to ADOBE

We believe that we touched plenty of home alarm systems for a single article here. If you are interested, you can continue to read Home Alarm Systems reviews in the next article…