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How to Cleaning of Wool

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Cleaning of Wool

We use a lot of wool clothes in winter like a sweater, scarf, and hat. Wool clothes are very sensitive. You should be careful while you are cleaning of wool.

If you do proper maintenance and washing, you can use wool clothes for a long time.

How to Cleaning of Wool?

It is not necessary to frequently wash wool garments. You can clean the stain and ventilate woollen clothes. Infrequent cleaning of wool is enough. Because they are sensitive.

First, you need to pay attention to the quality of the water that you use for washing. The lime of water is harmful to woolen clothes. You can buy a limescale tablet before cleaning of wool.

You might prefer liquid detergents sold to silk and wool garments. Alternatively, baby shampoo can also be used. Other detergents may be harmful.

Run the washing machine at 30 degrees. Don’t choose any temperature above 30 degrees. High temperatures can cause damages to woolen clothes. You can leave the clothes in cold water for 1 hour before you wash to prevent shrinking.

You can use softeners for soft woolen clothes. Softeners will create a protective wall around the woolen clothes. This wall prevents soiling and electricity. Also, it prevents the adhesion of dust due to electricity.

Put your woolen garments in a pillowcase before you cleaning of wool. So you avoid friction between the machine and woolen garments. It does not damage with this application.

During the drying process; you should not use a dryer for woolen clothes. The size may shrink, and you can’t use this cloth again. We recommend you to lay these clothes in a sunless place. Direct sunlight causes yellowing.

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Pay attention to the label. Follow the washing instructions there. If it is not proper for the washing machine, you should wash it by yourself.

It is possible to protect your wooden clothes by paying attention to these cleaning of wool tips.