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Practical Tips for Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen cleaning

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Kitchen Cleaning

Practical Tips for Kitchen Cleaning… Preparing meals is fun but when it comes to cleaning the annoying part is started.

In fact, kitchen cleaning is not so hard or time-consuming. Some tips can make your cleaning job easier than usual!

Practical Tips for Kitchen Cleaning

1- Add a tablespoon of vinegar into your dishwashing water. You will realize it is simpler and efficient in this way.

2- To remove the smell of fish from the plates, forks, and glasses add plenty of coffee ground into dishwashing water. Coffee grounds have absorption power and absorb bad odors. Then rinse dishes with plenty of water as usual.

3- Fridge cleaning is an important part of kitchen cleaning. Smells of foods in the fridge can be mixed with each other easily. To prevent it pour a little milk into a bowl and place it into the fridge. Milk will absorb unwanted odors.

4- Steel pots that loose brightness can be a problem for kitchen cleaning. Heat some vinegar and rub these steel pots with heated vinegar. Then gloss with a cloth. Your steel pots become as they are new! That will make kitchen cleaning easier and offers you a practical solution.

5- Oil splash everywhere while we are preparing frying foods. To prevent this; spread a pinch of salt in oil before frying.

kitchen cleaning 6- To eliminate the accumulation of scale in your kettle; put into vinegar and boil for 15 minutes.

7- To remove the smell of garlic from your hands; take a little salt in your palm moisten a little bit and rub. Then wash thoroughly with soap.

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8- Coffee stains on the cups can take time when you are dealing with kitchen cleaning. Scrub this stain with a mixture that contains equal amounts of vinegar and salt.

9- Cleaning of cutting boards is difficult because of the scratches over them. Clean cutting boards and stains with a lemon. Cut a lemon in half and rub the surface of the cleaning board.

kitchen cleaning Have a nice day.