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How to cleaning of ceramics ?

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Cleaning of Ceramics

Materials like soil and clay combined with slurry and cooked with high temperatures, ceramic materials are obtained by this way. Nowadays, ceramics are used for accessories, kitchens, and tiles mostly. It is relatively easy to do the cleaning of ceramics due to lacquer structure on it. But, what is the proper way to clean ceramics? We will talk about it below;

How to cleaning of ceramics?

If you buy new ceramic object or tiles, you can remove stickers labels by lime remover. You should absolutely rinse with clean water after this process.

If the cosmetics, bitumen, food, beverage stains are on your ceramic tile; mix some warm water and liquid detergent into a container. Apply the cleaning process using a soft sponge. Strong stains like cosmetic stains can’t remove by this way. You can use acetone or washing powder for this type of hard stains.

You can remove paint stains on ceramic tiles with warm water and liquid detergent mixture. It is also possible to use powder detergent. But if the paint stain is dry and it is tough to remove, you can pour a little thinner on the spot to remove.

Brushes and sponges should not be harmful to ceramic surfaces. This material should not fade the color of ceramics and don’t cause a scratch. You have to rinse with water after every cleaning material, type of cleaning material doesn’t matter. It is important for cleaning of ceramic.

If your ceramics turn yellow or have a stain on it; it is possible to clean with pure vinegar. Take vinegar and clean water in a bowl and mix it. Clean the surface of ceramics with this solution and a soft sponge. You can put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the stains. This is a practical method. But do not forget to rinse with clean water in the final stage.

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Cleaning of ceramics immediately is more effective. It is easier to clean because the stain is still soft and easy to remove.