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How to remove oil stains from clothes

How to remove oil stains from clothes

Remove oil stains from clothes

One of the biggest problems, while you are eating or preparing food, is an oil stain. People think that is hard to remove oil stains from clothes.

Oil stains should be cleaned immediately if you noticed. You should use hot water or some cleaning product to prevent permanent. Instant cleaning makes remove oil stains from clothes easier.

How to remove oil stains from clothes?

There are several ways to remove oil stains. These methods are effective according to their ingredients. Some materials quickly absorb oil while some of them push. Make sure that can’t give any damage to the fabric.

Fragrance and dye-free dish soap are ideal for removing oil stains from clothes which are light-colored. Using dish soaps can fade the color of dark-colored clothes. You can use olive solvent dish soap or detergent for cooking oil stains like olive oil.

If the stain is new sprinkle powder on the stain before it dries. It is an effective method for remove oil stains from clothes. The powder absorbs the oil. Then put a clean cloth on the powder, ironing in the medium temperature setting. After that; remove the dried powder with the help of a brush.

You can use the ether to the oil stains on the synthetic fabrics. Wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in ether. Ether is a volatile substance; you should dry it in the open air. Be careful while you are using it because ether is a flammable substance.

You can use ammonia for oil stains on silk fabrics. Put a cup of ammonia into a glass of water. Soak a cloth into this mixture and wipe the stain with this cloth. Then place the paper on it and iron with medium temperature.

All of these methods are effective to remove oil stains from clothes. Choose one of them according to the type of fabric and follow the instructions.

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