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How To Clean Copper

How To Clean Copper

Clean Copper

Copper objects used for cooking in the past. However, it is currently used mostly for decoration. Copper has shining apperarance with its unique red color. But this color gradually loses its luminosity.

Regular cleaning and polishing is necessary both cleaning and healthy purposes. There are different metdos for clean and polish copper.

How To Clean Copper?

Cleaning With Lemon And Vinegar
Vinegar and lemon used for multipurposes in kitchen. There are many application areas. One of them is clean copper. You need lemon, vinegar and soft cloth for this method. Take half lemon add press the juice. Meanwhile, take a soft and clean cloth wet it with some vinegar. Pou the lemon juice on this cloth. Then wipe thoroughly with a cloth all of your copper objects. You can use fluffy brush to clean intricate formed copper objects. It helps you to reach everywhere. After cleaninh wash with water and let them dry.

Cleaning Copper With Ketchup
It is an interesting cleaning method. Take cloth and pour ketchup on it. Then rub the surface with the cloth. Wash thoroughly with water after scrubbing

Cleaning With Vinegar And Salt
Take salth and vinegar to pour over the copper object. Rub it with the clean cloth to remove all dirts. After cleaning, wash it with water. Then take another clean cloth and dry and polish with it.

Cleaning Copper With Lemon
Lemon is effective for clean copper. It is really easy but effective method. You will be surprised when you see the results. Cut the lemon in the half. Take this half and ruc the surface of copper object with it. Wash it and dry and polish with clean cloth. This method is preffered much because of being practical.

Copper oxide quickly and this cause tarnishing and color changes. So you must do one of these method regular basis for cleaning.

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