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How to Care for Roses

How to Care for Roses

How to Care for Roses

Roses are the star of the garden with their beautiful appearance. Also roses are the most popular flowers. But it is a bit difficult to care. You should pay attention to apply right methods. Growing rose is a challenging process for beginners.

Proper Place For Roses

First of all, determine proper place to growing roses. Place should recieve sunlight at least 6 hours in a day. Roses should be planted at least 2 feet deep. This depth is enough to accommodate the roots. Then add this hole some fertilizer and fill back with soil.

It is important to give some distance between roses. This distance should be at least 25 cm for small roses, 50 cm for short roses , 75 cm for medium roses and 1 meter for big roses. Very close planting can cause fungal diseases.

How to Care for Roses?

Watering is the most important for rose care. Roses need a lot of water for their growing process. Soil should not become dry, if you see it like that give deep watering.

Fertilizing Roses

Another important part is fertilizing. Roses are plants which require constant food source. Every year it is important to fertilize. Fertilizer should cover all over the rose for autumn fertilization. In this way, rose can take continously nutrient through fertilizer and will be protected from the cold.

Prune The Roses

Pruning of roses is important for healthy growing. Purpose of this process is to clear crowded areas. Pruning protects roses against rotting and many diseases. The type of pruning process change by seasons. Take care to leave unhealthy parts by pruning. And start to cut about 1/4 inch above the bud eyes.

There are many diseases can effect roses like fungal diseases and rust. To prevent roses from these diseases don’t forget watering. Fertilizing is necessary to get nutrients and this make roses healthier to prevent diseases.


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