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Home Repair Works You Can Easily Do Yourself

Home Repair Works You Can Easily Do Yourself

Home Repair

In our homes, some old parts need to be repaired. These home repair works sometimes cost a lot. But if you can do them yourself, it is the best. You can save a lot of money by doing some simple home repair jobs yourself. In addition, it is an enjoyable thing to do yourself this kind of maintenance works for your home. Now, let’s start reviewing a few useful samples:

Home Repair: Floor Repair

Creaks and gaps in wooden floorboards cause irritation and drafts but can be easily fixed. Concrete floors may sometimes be uneven, so bumps should be chipped away with a chisel and club hammer. Lift damaged vinyl tiles with a hot iron over aluminum foil.

Wooden Floors

  • Square-edged boards: If a board is cracked or split, find the joists by locating the nails at each end. Drill close to the joists and cut out the board with a saw. Replace with a new piece of wood.
  • Tongue-and-groove boards: Saw out a damaged tongue- and-groove board along the edge. It cannot be replaced, so substitute it with an ordinary floorboard, supported at each end by a block of wood screwed to each joist.

Home Repair: Quick Insulation

Using homemade filler: Fill spaces between floorboards with papier-mâche made from newspaper and wallpaper paste. Sand smooth when dry.

Home Repairs: Squeaky Floors

Using talcum powder: To silence squeaks, shake talcum powder between floorboards. Attach loose boards to the joists with long nails at an angle.

Home Repair - Sticking Hinges

Home Repairs: Doors

To prevent a door from slamming, install a spring-door closer or use a doorstop. Stop a door from rattling by moving the lock catch, or put a draft protector inside the frame. Lift a sagging door by tightening or moving the hinges. Repair rotten parts of wood quickly.

Home Repair: Sticking Doors

  • Finding the problem: Rub chalk down the edge of the door, then close it. The chalk will leave a mark on the frame at the contact point. Plane the area. If sliding doors stick, apply floor polish to the tracks.
  • Lubricating a hinge: Treat a sticking hinge by rubbing pencil lead along the spine. Alternatively, smear a little light oil along the hinge with a cloth, working the hinge back and forth until it moves freely.
  • Oiling sticking locks: To loosen a sticking lock, put a little oil on the key. Put the key in the lock, and give it a few turns to loosen the lock.
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