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Cleaning With Vinegar

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Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is not just used for cooking or foods. You can use many purposes in the household. By the fact that is a natural chemical; cleaning with vinegar is an effective method. It is healthy to use vinegar instead of cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals. By this way, you can save money and protect the environment. Let’s look kinds of cleaning with vinegar.

Tips to Cleaning With Vinegar

1. You clean inside the refrigerator with vinegar and water mixture to remove bad smells. This is also used for cleaning of the oven too. It also has an oil cleaning effect with deodorizing.

2. Pour vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe the tiles and wet surfaces to remove the mildew stains. Also, cleaning with vinegar is useful for removing the soap stains from a sink or bathtub.

3. You can easily remove the wax stains on the surfaces with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

4. Making the plate of an iron, clean with vinegar is possible. The lime on the surface of the iron is dissolvable with vinegar. Put some vinegar and water in the iron’s water tank. Then set the steam setting. Let stand for 5 minutes in an upright position. Then, empty the entire tank. If there are still stains, repeat this procedure again.

5. Add some vinegar to the washing machine instead of fabric softeners. Vinegar has softening properties. This also prevents calcification may occur in your washing machine.

6. You can use vinegar to wash vegetables and fruits well. Add four tablespoons of vinegar into 4 liters water. Soak the vegetables and fruits into this mixture and wait for a while. Vegetable and fruits cleaning with vinegar is an effective method.

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7. Rust is a solid stain for mixer taps. Cleaning with vinegar is also effective for rust stains. Pour some vinegar on a cloth and rub the surface of mixer tap. Wrap the cloth that you soaked in vinegar around the mixer taps. Wait 2-3 hours and clean with the toothbrush to remove rusts.