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How to remove limescale from washing machine

How to remove limescale from washing machine

Remove Limescale From Washing Machine

Washing machines are indispensable for each house make life easier for people with important tasks of daily life. At least it is used 2 times a week. But your machine want maintain.

Limescale is the biggest problem. Limescale is a kind of mineral and this limescale problem in washing machines are occured as the result of hard water. Also lime is problem for another devices that you use water like kettles. The biggest factor that led to the failure or malfunction of the machine.

Lime stone increases with the lime content of water. When the resistance of machine is coated with lime stone, this reduced heat transfer efficieny and increase electric consumption. This is bad for your budget, but what should you do to remove limescale from washing machine? In this article we will give information about cleaning of washing machine against limescale.

How to remove limescale from washing machine?

You should see many products are produced to remove limescale from washing machine.This prodcuts prevent limescale and protect your washing machine. Moreover, you can make this cleaning by using the some ingredients. These home remedies are easy and budget-friendly.

Take half a liter of vinegar; put it into the place that you put detergent. Run your machine empty and set 95 degrees prewash program.

Another method to remove limescale from washing machine; if you do not want to run empty, put dirty clothes as usual; put detergent in the detergent section and add two tablespoons of washing soda every wash. Thus make your laundry whiter and also protect washing machine.

In addition when you use your washing machine; use detergent with measure to avoid damge to your clothes and machine. Don’t use any other chemicals except vinegar and lemon salt. Another chemicals can damage on electrical components and your machine will broken.

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