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Surprising Uses of Wax Paper

Use wax paper

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Surprising Uses of Wax Paper

Wax paper is an indispensable part of the kitchen. We generally use it for baking. Because wax paper has non-stick properties and prevents sticking food over the baking pan or dish. But there are many other uses for wax-paper. Are you surprised? You can use wax paper for multi purposes at home. Let’s have a look at different uses for wax paper;

Wax paper can make fridge cleaning easier. For this; line wax paper in the refrigerator this can absorb spills and stains. Change these papers regularly. Your refrigerator cleaning job is not difficult anymore! You can use wax paper for cabinets to achieve some practically in your fridge.

The microwave is practical, but cleaning can be a nightmare sometimes. Especially foods with sauce cause stubborn stains and spills in the microwave. Cover bowls or plates before you put in the microwave to reduce splatter.

When you open a wine bottle, it is difficult to re-cork the bottle again. Because, cork expanded with air, and do not fit here again. So, what should you do? Use wax paper to rub this cork; wax paper will help because of the slippery structure.

Use wax paper Use wax paper to clean your gardening tools quickly and properly. You just need to rub these gardening tools with wax paper to clean and remove the dirt and dust.

Wax paper has protective properties for fabrics. You can benefit this property of wax paper for your sensitive and delicate clothes. Wrap these clothes in wax paper to protect them while you are storing.

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Wax paper is also useful for some wooden kitchen equipment like wooden salad bowls and cutting boards. You can line a layer of wax paper over them to To protect their shape.

Use wax paper to wrap cheese and keep it fresh. Wax paper is the best way to store them because it lets cheese to breathe and protect it at the same time. These features make it more useful than plastic wraps for, especially cheese.