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Simpsons Clean The House

House Cleanning - Simpsons

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Simpsons, do not forget the “Whoever pollutes it cleans.” rule.

Have you ever had a mind about taking Simpsons role-modele about house cleaning?

“Escape is impossible, Simpsons”

We pollute the house together. So, we have to clean up altogether, like the Simpsons. What do you think about this?

It would be a good idea to clean the house all together instead of leaving the cleaning work on one person, for we pollute the house altogether.

Of course, the whole film is not just about this part of the video. If you want a short summary of this chapter, here’s something like:

While stuck cleaning the house, Bart wins a radio contest and chooses a gag prize, an elephant, instead of the real prize, $10,000 cash. The radio station eventually gets Bart his elephant, which is named Stampy.

When taking care of Stampy gets too expensive Homer decides to sell him to an ivory dealer rather than turn him over to a non-profit Animal Refuge.

Bart tries to run away with Stampy, but the elephant escapes. They track him down, and Homer agrees to give him to the Animal Refuge. Short Video, 4 min.

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