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How to paint the furniture

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Do you want to paint the furniture?

Painting your furniture is a good way to show your creativity or renovate your old furniture.
There are many different painting methods that you can choose to use depending on many factors such as if you do a restoration or repainting a new item. In this post, we will talk about painting furniture and the points that you should know.

How to paint the furniture?

The first thing you should know; you should use quality equipment for painting. The type of furniture to be painted is also another important factor.

If your furniture is new, the process is easier. Pass through fine sand where you paint first, then clean the dust of sand. If there are cracked holes on the surface, fill them with paste and then sand the dried paste again. Clean the dust. After that, you can start the lining process. It is the process that you paint furniture with transparent primer. Then sand the surface again, by this way furniture holds the paint more effectively. Then allow it to dry after clean surfaces with a damp cloth. This is preparation for paint the furniture.

Before you start painting, you should arrange the paint ’s thinning settings according to the instructions. Use brush and roller for the successful painting process. Paint the furniture with brush, this is the first layer.

You will need to wait for the second floor dry certainly. You can paint the second layer with a roller to prevent the brush mark appearance.

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Another way is painting with sprayers. It is a method with intense chemical processing, and you have to use dust masks and make it outdoor.

If your furniture is painted and polished you should remove the paint or varnish first. Use thick sandpaper, and during this process, you should definitely avoid depleting the furniture. Removing of paint is more difficult than removing of varnishes. Hot-air gun and a thin spatula make this process easier. After you remove the paint or lacquer with sanding process, you can remove little roughness with thin sandpaper.

After this step, it is time to lacquering process. You should choose a brush according to the type of surface. Then apply the lacquer to all surfaces properly.

You can paint the furniture properly with this tips! You can use vivid colors for energetic decoration!