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Some Techniques for Softening or Removing Wrinkles

Softening or Removing Wrinkles

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Causes of Wrinkles

As a natural part of aging, most women eventually deal with wrinkles on their skin. They happen mostly in the areas that the skin is exposed to the outside factors, most notably the sunlight. This is why they are most visible at hands, forearms, the neck, and of course the face. In this article, you can find brief information about the techniques for removing wrinkles. In our next articles, you will be able to read more about these techniques.

There are many factors that increase the number of wrinkles on the skin. First of all, the sunlight, with the harmful radiation in it, causes severely more wrinkles on the skin. Smoking is also known to cause more wrinkles because of the harm it causes to capillary circulation and skin cells.

While some of the factors that increase wrinkles can be avoided or minimalized to prevent wrinkles as much as possible, there are also some factors that you cannot avoid. We are talking about genetics. Some people inherit genetics that causes more wrinkles with age from their parents. Also, certain genetical features, like being pale-skinned or blue-eyed, are it is known to be more susceptible to the factors that increase wrinkles.

Techniques For Removing Wrinkles

So, even if you avoid the factors you can avoid as much as possible, natural aging and the factors that you can’t avoid can cause wrinkles that you don’t like to see. Fortunately, there is some method that you can use for removing wrinkles too. You can see some of these methods down here.

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The first method that most women use for removing wrinkles is to use moisturizers. Giving your skin the moisture it needs indeed helps with a large portion of small wrinkles. However, this effect is not permanent. As your skin drys and lose the moisture, these wrinkles come back.

A common method that can be used for removing wrinkles is to apply fruit acids on the skin. These are acids include lactic and glycolic acid. You can use these without worrying about harming your skin. But they are not as effective as some other methods.

One of the methods for removing wrinkles that are commonly accepted as effective is using retinoids. These chemical compounds can soften the skin and wrinkles within a degree. Retinoids are also useful for other skin problems like skin marks.

Some wrinkles are results of the oxidation in the skin. To prevent these chemical reactions, you can use Antioxidants. These products contain the vital compounds that can nurture your skin and stop oxidation. Although antioxidants offer moderate results in removing wrinkles, they may help you prevent new wrinkles.

There are also some injections that can be used for removing wrinkles. You can get injections that can affect the muscles under the skin so the skin can get smoother. The most popular example of such injections is probably Botox. This type of injections requires renewals after a while as the metabolism overcomes the effects. There are also injections that can be applied under the skin to lift it and fill wrinkles.

Another method that can be used for removing wrinkles is peeling. There are many ways that you can use for peeling. Some of these, such as using glycolic acid, are not quite effective but easier and safer on your skin. Some other peeling methods, like using trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, or phenol, can offer better results by going more into the top layer of the skin. Although these methods can remove fine wrinkles, they also come with the risk of leaving scars.

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Similarly to chemical peeling, you can remove the top layer of your skin by using dermabrasion method. Instead of using chemicals, dermabrasion uses rotary tools to do remove this top layer. This procedure can be quite effective in removing wrinkles from your skin when it is performed properly. But like peeling it presents some risks for leaving marks.

Another method you can consider for removing wrinkles is laser resurfacing. Like chemical peeling and dermabrasion, this method also works by triggering your skin to produce collagen as a response to damaging the top layer. Collagen increases the skin volume and makes fine wrinkles disappear.

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