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It is best to reserve a special room or area for hobbies.

Hobby room will keep leisure equipment from cluttering the rest of the home and allow enthusiasts to pursue their particular hobby uninterrupted, without having to clear away their equipment immediately after using it.

Covering A Train Set

Conceal a train set or car track on a table by making sides and a lid for the table. Build high sides onto the edges of the table. Cut a large board to form the lid. Attach it to one long side with two or three hinges. Allow plenty of space for the lid to fold out of the way.

Using Power Tools
Make sure that the circuits in your house can handle the demands of all the tools and equipment that you are using
• Power: Be sure that a hobby room has enough outlets for all your equipment. Never try to run more than two items off one power outlet.
• Space: Check Halt here i.s plenty of space for air to circulate around the back of electrical machinery. This will prevent heat from building up to a dangerous level.
• Electric cords: Straighten any loose cords by folding them into loops and slipping them into a cardboard tube.

Organizing Hobbies In
Straightening equipment: Keep small objects in sturdy plastic vegetable racks. If the racks are used for several hobbies, label each section.

hobby room

Promoting safety: For tasks such as welding, which create fumes and fire risks, make sure that there is good ventilation and show a “No Smoking” sign.

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Planning Corridors And Hallways
Areas between rooms can often be used for extra storage or living space, provided that you do not hinder access to rooms or create a fire hazard by blocking doors. For example, you could adapt a corner of a wide hallway to form an office area or hang shelving in a corridor.

Filling Empty Areas
• Ensuring safety: Hallways, corridors, and stairs are all essential fire escape routes. Keep these areas clear of obstructions at all times.
• Hanging coats: Position coat racks or hooks so that they do not obstruct a door. For small children, hang a second row of coat hooks below the first, at a height within easy reach.
• Adding hanging space: Keep a collapsible dress rack in a spare room or closet, and put it in a hallway to hold coats when you have a party.
• Using temporary storage: Hang a shelf to hold items such as sports equipment, so that people can find the items easily when they need them.

Using Stairways
Make an area for office work or homework by putting a desk in the space under a flight of stairs. Provide good lighting, preferably wall-mounted to save desk space, and a comfortable chair.

Filling Odd Corners
Stand a length of earthenware pipe on a large ceramic tile or in a shallow, waterproof container to hold umbrellas and canes. Put the stand in an inconspicuous place near the front door.