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How To Keep Warm and Keep Cool At Home?

Keep Warm - Keep Cool

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How to keep warm and keep cool at home? Yes it’s cold outside, but still Winter is beautiful season. Depending on where you are living, air conditioning is not a cheap way. Still, there are a few ways to keep warm at home in winter without a heater.

Keep Warm: Radiators

Heat channel: Install a shelf directly above a radiator so that heat flows into the room rather than rising away.

Keep Warm: Heat reflector

Make radiators more efficient by taping aluminum foil to cardboard behind them, shiny side in. The foil will reflect heat into the room, not through the walls.

Keep Warm: Drafts

keeping warm or cool the house

Draft finder Close doors and windows, and walk around with a candle. Where it flickers, you have a draft.

Keep Warm: Draft protector

Stuff an old jacket sleeve with padding, and sew it up to make a draft protector for a door. Use a bright color so that no one will one trip over it.

Keep Warm: Double Glazing

Temporary measures Use sheets of Plexiglas or heavy plastic as “double glazing”, secured with strong tape.

Keep Warm: Using plastic sheeting

Clear plastic sheeting, stuck to windows with tape, provides instant “double glazing.” Shrink it to fit with a hairdryer, and peel it off in the summer.

Keep Cool

Insulating your home properly will help keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Wear loose clothing around the house in hot weather, and avoid using the oven in the heat of the day. Open attic or top-floor windows, and try to circulate air with cross-ventilation.

keep cool and warm at home

Keep Cool: Natural Solutions

  • Avoid artifical light. Light- bulbs give off more heat than you might imagine. Use natural daylight as long as possible, and do not switch lights on until it is essential.
  • Landscaping for shade. Plant trees outside to shade your home. Deciduous trees will provide shade in summer and allow light in when their branches are bare in winter.
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Keep Cool: Keeping Heat Out

Draw curtains Draw blinds and curtains during the hottest part of the day to shade rooms from the rays of the sun.

Keep Cool: Reflect solar heat

Staple or tape aluminum foil inside the roof space to reflect the sun’s heat outward. Heat passing into the house will be reduced by at least 20 percent.

Keep Cool: Reducing Humidity

Showering Steam can dramatically increase the level of humidity in your home. When showering, open the windows to let as much moisture escape as possible.

Keep lids on saucepans to reduce die humidity caused by steam. You will also use less energy to cook foods and so save money. Close internal kitchen doors while cooking to keep other rooms cool.

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How To Keep Warm and Keep Cool At Home?