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How To Clean Crystal And Glassware?

How To Clean Crystal And Glassware

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How to Clean Crystal?

We all like to experience the elegance of drinking from crystal glasses by candlelight. Crystal glasses and other crystal items can make you very proud when you have guests. But after the guests leave, the work of cleaning all these crystal objects is up to you. If you do not know how to clean crystal and other glassware, you can damage these valuables. So, it’s good to know something about it. Now, let’s look at the short information about “How to Clean Crystal”.

Glass and China

Glass and china look best when sparkling clean. Items that you do not use often should be washed from time to time, or dust will build up and produce a grimy finish. Wipe them regularly with a soapy cloth, then a damp one.

Crystal and Glassware

Wash delicate glasses by hand – using a plastic bowl to prevent breakage – and dry them carefully. Never put cut glass or fine crystal in a dishwasher; the strong detergents used will eventually cause a white bloom known as etching, which is impossible to remove.

How to Clean Crystal

How to Clean Crystal and Glassware

Stemmed Glasses

When drying stemmed glasses, hold the dishtowel steady and twist the glass around inside it. If you do it the other way around, you may snap the stem.

Making Glass Shine

Put some lemon peels in the rinse water used for glassware. Lemon cuts grease and the acid released gives a clear shine and brilliance to the washed glasses.

Polishing Glasses

Make a thin paste from baking powder and water, and rub it onto the glass. Rinse well, and dry with a soft cloth to create a bright shine. This polish also works well on car windshields.

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Caring for Glass

  • Preventing Heat Damage: Don’t expose glassware to high temperatures or to extreme changes in temperature – the glassware may break. Gilt and silver decorations on glassware will come off if items are washed or soaked in hot water for too long.
  • Storing Glasses: Store wine glasses upright. If you store them upside down, they will develop a musty smell, and the rims may be damaged.
  • Removing Smells: If bottles or jars smell strong, wash them, then steep them in a solution of 1 tsp (5 g) dry mustard to 4 cups (1 liter) warm water overnight. Rinse well.

Solving Problems with Glassware

Unsticking Glasses

If one glass becomes stuck in another, stand both in a bowl. Put ice cubes in the top tumbler to make it contract. Pour hot water into the bowl – this will make the outer tumbler expand and release its grip on the inner one.

Removing Chips

There is no need to throw away glasses that get chipped. Rub the chip with a piece of extra-fine sandpaper until it is smooth. Then rub the surrounding area of the rim to smooth it and make the repair less obvious.

Special Glass Items

Glass items around the home will attract dust and look dull unless they are cleaned regularly. Do not let dirt build-up, or cleaning will become a chore. If you have to carry glassware to another room for cleaning, put it in a wastepaper basket filled with newspaper.

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