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Green Walls – How To Do Covering Walls With Plants?

green walls - how to cover walls with plants

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Green Walls: Covering Walls with Plants

Green walls refer to walls that are covered with plants. In this short article, we will provide some brief information about green walls. More informative articles about green walls will be added to our website in the future. Let’s get started with some basic information about green walls.

The height and shape of a wall, as well as the choice of building material, can affect how the structure fits in with its surroundings. If an old wall is unsightly, fruit trees, small flowering trees, or flowering shrubs can be trained to create an attractive and productive covering.

Green Walls: Fan-training a Fruit Tree Against a Wall

  1. In early spring, select two laterals on a young fruit tree that are 12 in (30 cm) above ground level to form the main arms. Prune each one to 15 in (38 cm) and tie them to a stake at a 40-degree angle. Prune the leader to just above the laterals.
  2. The following year, in early spring, prune the arms by one-third to an outward-facing bud. In early summer, tie new side shoots to stakes. Prune out any stems that develop below the two main arms or that point down or away from the wall.
  3. In early summer, thin out excess stems to leave them 4-6 in (10-15 cm) apart. During summer, tie the sickle shoots and pinch out any that overlap the main framework of arms. Prune fruiting shoots back to a new shoot at the base of the tree.

Green Walls: Creating Wall Space

  • Designing a wall: Be adventurous when planning a wall. Consider incorporating a porthole or a gate that is large enough to walk through. This will introduce light to new areas of the garden and could encompass distant views.
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    Green Walls: Improving Walls

    • Stains: Discolored bricks make a wall look unsightly. Scrub the surface before deciding if any further action is needed.
    • Tending climbers: Thin out and prune back climbers. If they are not responding to care, replace them.
    • Screening a wall: Cover a wall with more than one climber. Choose plants with different flowering times – evergreen and deciduous – to ensure that the wall is screened for as long as possible throughout the year.
    • Fruit trees: If a wall is in a shady site but you would like to fan-train a fruit tree, plant a sour cherry tree.

    creating green walls

    Green Walls: Creative Idea

  • Creating a new shape: To make a new climber that has put on uniform growth look more established and natural, trim it back unevenly to create an irregular, informal outline.
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