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How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel?

How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel 1a

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Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to arranging the kitchen of a new house or remodeling an existing one, it is important to proceed with care. In this article, we will provide you with some tips to consider during your kitchen remodel project. We believe that following these tips will result in a well-organized kitchen that you will enjoy working in. Let’s get started.

Planning the Layout

During a kitchen remodel, the stove, sink, refrigerator, and work surfaces are the most frequently used areas in a kitchen. The paths between these areas often form a triangle, and it’s important to keep this triangle clear for easy access while working. Make sure to consider this when planning the layout of your kitchen.

Saving Space in the Kitchen

By using space effectively, you can maximize the reach of the stove and work surfaces. Try to leave as much room as possible for work and storage in the available space.

Stacking Equipment

During your kitchen remodel project, you can use the following tips to stack equipment efficiently:

  • Storing saucepans: Keep a set of saucepans on a narrow, vertical stacking rack.
  • Organizing dishes: Stack plates and saucers on plastic-coated racks with differently-sized shelves. Stand the racks in any corners of work surfaces that cannot be used for food preparation.
  • Grouping bowls and pans: Store different-sized bowls and baking pans one inside the other to take up a minimum of space. Leave room around them so that you can remove and replace them easily.
  • Arranging cleaning items: Use stackable plastic baskets to hold small cleaning items.
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Kitchen Remodel: Using a Frame

To create a frame for hanging pots and pans, start by making a wooden frame that measures 18×12 inches (45 x 30 cm). Then, tack strong wire mesh across the frame. Next, suspend the frame from the ceiling with chains so that it is level and positioned a little above head height. Finally, hang butcher’s hooks on the mesh to hold pots and pans.

Organizing Storage in a Kitchen

Making the most of storage spaces and using space-saving devices in a kitchen can help you keep work surfaces clear. You can purchase specialized items that enable you to keep a lot of equipment in a particular place, or you can easily modify a kitchen area yourself.

Utilizing Drawers

To create an extra work surface, measure the depth of a cutting board and attach wooden battens at this depth inside a kitchen drawer. To use the surface, lay the board on the battens. You can keep items in the drawer while using them as a work surface.

Utilizing Wall Areas

To store materials on rolls such as paper towels and plastic wrap, hang paper towel holders on a wall.

Kitchen Remodel: Keeping Areas Clear

  • Reducing clutter: Use work surfaces to store only those items that you use constantly. Group the items together, such as putting wooden spoons and spatulas in a large jar.
  • Using wall space: Attach cup hooks to walls under shelves or high-level units. Hang lightweight items such as ladles and sieves from the hooks.
  • Using a pegboard: Fix a pegboard to a wall and hang small items from the pegs.
  • Holding recipe books: Fold a piece of clear polyethylene in half, then attach the back and edges to a wall near a stove. Leave the top open to form a pocket and put open recipe books in the pocket while you are using them to leave the work surface clear.
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How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel 2a

Kitchen Remodel: A Small but Useful Idea

A small but useful idea for a kitchen remodel is to attach a shelf over the sink to hold items such as dishwashing detergent and sponges. Ensure that the shelf is high enough to allow easy access to the faucets and support it on lengths of thick dowels. Keep in mind that small ideas like this can be helpful in the future.

Kitchen Remodel: Filling Cabinets

  • Fitting shelves: You do not need to keep the shelving that is already fitted in a cabinet. If you need more storage surfaces, attach small brackets at different levels to hold adjustable shelving.
  • Adding hooks: Attach a batten along the back of a cabinet. Screw hooks into the batten to hold cups, measuring jugs, and similar small items.
  • Storing flat objects: Fit plywood boards vertically in cabinets to make narrow compartments. Use the space to store flat items such as baking trays and cooling racks within easy reach.
  • Utilizing doors: Attach favorite recipes and other useful information to the insides of cabinet doors for quick reference.

Kitchen Remodel: Fitting a Microwave Oven

To fit a microwave oven during a kitchen remodel, mount it on a wall using strong metal brackets. Check that the oven is at an appropriate height for everyone who uses it, and use the work surface underneath for storing food jars. Always remember to use unused areas during your kitchen remodel work, as in this example.

We hope that these tips will be helpful to you during your kitchen remodel project. With careful planning and organization, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen that you will enjoy using for years to come.

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