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Some Skin Care Tips Based on Your Skin Type

Skin Care Tips - Skin Type

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Skin Care Tips

For skin care tips to be useful, it is important to know your skin type. As you all know there are 4 skin types like oily, normal, dry and combination. No matter which one is your skin type you also can have the sensitive type as well. Your skin can be oily but also sensitive. But with these skin care tips in the article, we will see what can we have done for our skincare in those 4 types.

Skin Types and How To Handle Them

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin:

Dry skin is the most sensitive of all. Because you have to be careful with the sun. Your skin is already dry, and you really don’t want to make it worse to yourself with the sun. You have to keep it in your mind that your savior is the moisturized creams and lotions. There is one important thing more that you should keep it in mind is do not use cold water when you are cleaning your face.

Also, use once a week extra virgin olive oil to help your dry skin. Get a 1 lt glass bottle and pour extra virgin olive oil in it. Don’t use that oil for anything but your face. Don’t keep the bottle in the refrigerator. And every week get clean make-up cotton and pour some oil. Clean your face and pour some more to other clean cotton and clean it again. Don’t wash it right away, just let it on your face for half an hour.

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Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin:

Maybe you don’t really like to have oily skin but there is one thing you should know is whoever has the oily skin type are the lucky ones. Because oily skin fights with the aging. Yes, that is true! Just take a good look around you, whoever has the oily skin type they don’t really show their real age right!

So that’s why you must not worry about the oily skin for Skin Care Tips. For your skin type, all you need is a good sulfur soap, and that is it. Just keep your face clean with the sulfur soap and you will say goodbye to all the oily skin problems.

Skin care

Skin Care Tips for Normal Skin:

For normal skin problems, most of all make sure you clean your face 3 times a day. Because your skin type is sensitive as the dry skin. Once a week use milk or soda to clean your face.

Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin:

This type of skin will drive you crazy. Because no matter how hard you try it’s gone get acne or even worse almost anytime it wants. I know that it sounds like no matter what you do you just can’t handle your mix skin problems.

Well, let me tell you something more for Skin Care Tips, there is a way to handle your skin problems for good. All you need to do is get a milk whole milk or whatever you can find. First, clean your face and get a peeling loofah and get yourself a sulfur soap and wash and clean your face with those. After that get a white clean towel and dry your face.

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After that get the milk and wash your face like water just gets the milk all over your face. Hold your face a few seconds to get rid of all those drops gone. After that do not wash your face let the milk dry on your face. Give your face a half an hour or so. After you feel the stretch getting stronger on your face then you are ready to wash your face.

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