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How Can I Create Living And Dining Areas?

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These are the areas of the home that are used the most, so be sure that furniture and furnishings are sturdy and fairly dirt proof.

If you are working on a tight budget, you can buy second-hand furniture and use the tips below to create an attractive effect for little expense.

Creating Dining Space
• Finding ail area: If you do not have a dining room, convert part of a living room. You could also use a kitchen, a spare bedroom, or a large hall.
• Making a table: To create a dining table quickly, use a wallpaper table or trestle that folds away when not in use, and cover it with a cloth.
• Adding a tabletop: If you occasionally wish to enlarge a dining table but do not have an expanding table, have a thick piece of board cut to the shape and size that you need. Rest it on the tabletop. If you wish to store the board, cut it in half, and fit it with a hinge so that you can fold it flat.

Placing Speakers
Making A Speaker Stand

Stand speakers off the floor to protect them from damage and stop sound from being muffled. Place them on piles of unwanted telephone directories or books. Drape with attractive fabric.

A Good Idea
Preserving A Carpet
Move large furniture regularly so that it does not dent a carpet permanently. To get rid of a dent, leave an ice cube to melt in it. Let the carpet dry naturally, then vacuum the spot.

Saving Space In Living Areas

Make the most of the living space by keeping it neat. The less clutter there is on display, the more attractive, relaxing, and safe the area will be. Allow enough storage space for items such as cassettes and magazines, and display only those objects that you really want to see.

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Fitting A Folding Table
If you have no space or money for a dining table, attach a wall-mounted folding table in an empty space, and put it up when you need it. Keep the area clear so that you can always use the table.

Clearing Away Clutter
Tidying up: Clear your living areas each evening to prevent clutter from building up.

Storing chairs: If you eat in a living room use stacking chairs. Put them against a wall when you do not need them.

From Living Areas
• Putting away toys: Keep a large, plastic laundry basket in an unobtrusive place for tidying children’s toys quickly.
• Using a magazine rack: Use a rack to store newspapers and magazines neatly.

Making Storage Space
Storing Drinks
Decorate an old filing cabinet by spraying with aerosol paint, and use it as a liquor cabinet. Use a lockable drawer to keep alcohol from children. Fill any other drawers with soft drinks.